The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #1

The beginning

Zipp’s Log Entry #1

So it begins. After returning to Xelona from my last robbery I was quickly contacted by an individual with whom I had not met before. Shadok Trin is an agent of the city who specializes in finding adventurers for individuals with large pockets. I was gathered alongside a lizardman named Szinnit. Szinnit comes from a farm land and what he’s doing in this town is currently unknown to myself. Perhaps he is simply desiring more gold or pursuing a dream or maybe he’s just looking for new plants for his farm… I’m not sure but I do hope he opens up more to the group. Travok is a dwarf who seems to be angry almost all the time. He spends his spare time with dice and can be found gambling at rather obnoxious times of the day. He also seems to be very quiet around me. It might have something to do with the fact that I used an elf disguise to meet with them all at first… Surely they can’t blame me for being safe. No matter his attitude he certainly seems like a tough son of a bitch. I don’t think I’ve seen his armor pierced once. Finally there is Mistrel… At least that’s what she says her name is. She seems to distrust the group the most. While the other adventurers seem to have some sort of specialty or focus Mistrel has yet to reveal any particular abilities at this point. I have a feeling there’s some magic in there but why she’s hiding it is unknown. I could also be completely wrong and maybe she’s just a simple archer.

After we embarked on the airship we quickly made our way to the Drummond Fragment which is home to House Wexin a proud ally to my own House Quade. Mistrel appears to follow house Wexin as a half-elf but I’m not sure how well known she is. After landing we headed south towards Ekalaka. During our journey we were attacked by a small group of some sort of fish folk. They were easily dispatched and we made our way all the way to Ekalaka. There we aided the small town with a slight undead problem. The town seemed thankful but it also not too concerned about the idea of undead. We moved further south to the entrance of the city of Orphiem where we were tasked with returning a mage’s old tome. After braving a storm of raining fire we found shelter in the ancient stone city. Before we began our search for the tomb we ran across more undead. We have since rested. I only pray that Amaris watches over us. There are secrets deep in this city that I’m not sure we are ready to unleash.


Thoughts of a Lizard.
I was browsing the gardens of Xelonas. My nerves were triggered when I landed, I wasn’t ready to be alone again. There may be people all over the fragment yet I do not know what I am looking for, a job, a courtesan, maybe someone to cross my path at the wrong time. Enjoying the lilacs on a doorstep a messenger approached me with a letter. I accepted it, took note of it’s contents and threw it away, interruptions are not something I’m used to, I wasn’t happy about it. After arriving at the meeting place there were 3 other people who were brought together for a job, a price was given to me. 500 shards before hand to get ready. 500 shards, are these people just handing out money? I don’t know what to do with 500 shards. I could have fed my village for a week with that kind of money, yet they are handing it out to adventurers who may or may not show back up to fulfill a mission. It’s ridiculous if you ask me.

The companions I have met are intriguing. The two of them are silent most of the time, and the third wants to wring every drop of information out of all of us. Zipp, that is what I have been told to call him. However he changed his appearance when we arrived on Drummond, and he expects me to trust him? I don’t understand why he wants me to divulge my life story, when he didn’t eat meat for the first few days while pretending to be an elf. If he is willing to abstain from meat, what else would he be willing to do…Yet I must digress, he was the first to help me out of the river when the fish folk attacked. He healed Mistrel when she was hurt. Though I could care less if she dies, he went out of his way to keep her healthy. This Tiefling has truly peeked my interest, I can only trust him as far as I can throw him, and if we were on a building who knows how far that could actually be.

Travok is interesting. I will be keeping an eye on him. Against my better judgement I entered a game of dice and lost 100 Shards. No matter I hadn’t had that much money in a long while, and felt no remorse when it was gone. He was kind enough to give it back to me, I am still unsure as to what to think about him. He doesn’t seem to mind telling war stories, but he won’t speak on where he got his shield, which is covered in leather, and a curious looking mace. I think I will ask him why he holds the tattered brown leather over his shield, perhaps it holds a secret to who he is.

Mistrel doesn’t seem to want to talk about anything. I can’t even discern if she likes pipe weed. She hasn’t tried to kill me yet, and she has eaten meat, that is a good start to gaining my trust.

Adventure Log #1

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