The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #2

Grumblings of a Mad Lizard

The Empty City

After defeating the tomb motes and setting up a reasonable place to sleep within the city center things looked to be fairly calm. Little did I know that the next few hours would be the biggest fight I’ve ever experienced. I damn near killed the dwarf for snoring so loud, and the tiefling kept giggling in his sleep. The fight wasn’t with monsters that came upon us, but it was with myself to keep from crushing the airways of two of my companions. Sleep finally came but it was not easy.

Other than that nothing much to report but the moaning of the undead somewhere off in the distance.

Waking up we began to explore the city’s caves, taking the one to the right. While walking along the buildings I began to smell something odd, it led me into a building where a mold had began to take over. The mushrooms attached to this mold also had flowers butting out that were in full bloom. This helped my mood, seeing that even in this sand trap of a hell, flowers were able to live. This gave me hope for our journey.

Continuing down the path we began to see bones. I figured them to be remnants of adventurers past. They were an eyesore to behold, and I was kind of hoping that one day the fire from the skies would burn them away. None of this was voiced of course. I like to brood in private, and I would hate for my companions to be alienated by some of my desires. Upon seeing something wrapped around the bones, the mischievous Tiefling Zipp thought it would be a good idea to pick the dead man’s clothes up. This would be a brilliant idea…think about it…they couldn’t have smelled all that well, they had been there for years, and from the looks of it there wasn’t even any pockets so treasure within them would have been left somewhere else, yet he still chose to pick them up. These pants immediately became animated, reaching up and started to strangle the poor idiot. I tried to swipe at them, but to no avail. This led Mistral Kaledin over to help rid him of the article. Once it was put down the dwarf Travok could be seen laughing to himself, with what I would assume would have been the same thoughts I was harboring. The path continued down to a river that seemed to be the water source of the city, more or less a dead end. We turned around from here to enter the other tunnel we saw on the opposite side of the city…That’s what we get for following a Tiefling.

Upon entering the other side of the city we went through a large hallway, emptying out through giant double doors into a courtyard. This was obviously a house that was built after the main city, but maybe by a thousand years. Still just as old and decrepit as any area that we had been in so far, and just as looted as well. Searching the house led us to find nothing, after a few short conversations the Tiefling and I began to search out some type of mausoleum. He searched the surrounding area while I went back out into the city. The dwarf had been right behind me until he wasn’t anymore, yet I didn’t care. I enjoyed spending a few moments in this dusty dirt hole of a city by myself. I climbed up to the top of the city center and looked for a building that might be able to hold something so big. I found this near the entrance of the city, so I headed in that direction. After reaching the front gates I promptly sat down and waited for my compatriots to find me before we searched the area. I was admiring the craftsmanship of the poor bastards that lived in the city previously. It must have taken them a long time to build all these buildings, too bad none of them were here any more to enjoy the dried fruits of their labor.

The mausoleum was even less fortuitous than the house. With the exception that Zipp happened to shake down some dead bodies for a few shards. He handed me some money that made me feel dirty to hold, but no matter. We had shown back up to the house to see the dwarf making marks on the walls. After he made a snarky comment to the Tiefling I saw him place money back in his pocket and thought it would be a good time to rid myself of the dead money anyways, so I handed my share to the dwarf.

The Dwarf snidely explained that he had found a hollow spot in the entry wall so we began to dig our way in. This led to a marble door that was opened by a soft spot in the Sand Stone. This opened up to a walkway leading down into a basement four levels deep. From what we could tell most of the first level was riddled with traps and alchemist supplies. It was there that I encountered my first few traps. After watching my companions almost lose limbs from blades being sprung, I head out into the hall, away from all the dangerous doors. Eventually I saw Mistral Kaledin and Zipp walking down the hall. I slunk out of site to avoid detection. They turned down a corridor before they got to me, as I waited for them to return I heard a small cry of pain, so I rushed to join them. Two steps towards the corner and the next thing I knew I was opening my eyes with a splitting headache. Apparently I triggered a trap that had falling rocks and they landed directly on top of me, much like a well placed trap should. Luckily I was not alone and my friends returned to help me out of my predicament. There wasn’t much to be found on this floor other than a few alchemical supplies here and there except the library. It was interesting to find a library among the maze like passageways of the first floor. Upon entering this library two suits of armor came to life and began to attack us. This was not the strangest thing to happen. What was strange was what happened when Mistral Kaledin began glowing purple and one of the suits fell down after she slid between it’s legs touching it. This was different that anything I’d ever seen. Next she told me to move from between her and the other suit when she shot something towards the other suit and this one blew up into smoke and ash. After all of this she emitted a strong burst of light that lit the room purple. It seems that she too is holding something back from the group. What she is I don’t know but what she can do makes me weary to stay around her. In this library we found four journals that seemed nothing special to me. Zipp put them in the bag none the less. Better safe than sorry.

We left here and headed to the bottom floor of this area. Deciding it would work best if we worked our way up. Upon reaching the bottom floor and exploring a bit we found a room that was like none I have ever seen. The most intriguing part was the silver circle in the middle of the room. It was told to me that the room was used for summoning, most likely demons. I didn’t think much of the room, magic has never intrigued me. Zipp and Mistral Kaledin left the room to search elsewhere. As I watched the Travok search the walls. He seems to like doing this, I can’t blame him, we found this area because of him. It still seems silly to me, watching him tap the walls and listen as if he was trying to hear a baby in a womb. Suddenly he disappeared and this was my cue to follow him. I was curious as to what had happened. After pressing on the wall myself I too disappeared. I called began pounding on the wall trying to get back to where I was. I noticed the dwarf wasn’t as worried as I was about the situation as he cautiously went down the left hallway. Eventually both of the other two made it on the other side of the wall and we headed off in the direction of the dwarf. We found him studying what looked like to be a trip plate. The Tiefling stepped past him through the door, and I followed it led us into what looked like a food storage and down to yet another hidden door that led us back into the room with a silver circle. Zipp stayed, and I went back to find the others. Upon my return I saw the floor plate removed, and Travok stuck inside a cage that was obviously the second part of the trap. He began to try and remove himself from the cage and I continued the other way down the hallway from the hidden swivel door. This led me to a library, so I grabbed the others. This is when the Tiefling began to get a little shaken. The books he declared were worthless and that we should leave them there. As we turned to leave I slipped one into my pack, it looked valuable and no spineless Tiefling would tell me different. The next door led into a room where random creatures had been mummified or wrapped and preserved. Travok thought it wise to take a white dragon head with us, but Zipp wouldn’t let him put it in the bag of holding unless he carried it around for at least an hour. Why Travok didn’t just make a dent in the Tieflings head and take the bag is beyond me, I would have thought it amusing. Upon reaching the last door Zipp went to open the door and his carelessness almost cost him his hand. This room had two large statues and in between them was a set of empty shelves. Zipp went to investigate and this is where he turned from shaken to stirred. He promptly told us that we needed to go, this place was extremely dangerous and he turned tail and ran. It was the strangest thing. Mistral Kaledin soon followed, leaving Travok and myself bewildered at their actions. Asking aloud what was going on I recieved an answer. A weird voice entered my head telling me that they wanted to meet me. This was weird, I’ve never had something speak to me in that manner. Actually a bit annoying as I realized I wouldn’t be able to shut it up if I wanted to. I began to leave and the dwarf followed, upon reaching the second to last level we heard a large crash and went to investigate. We found Mistral Kaledin under a pile of rocks uncovered her and I gave her a health potion as to which she told me to shove it. I restrained myself from biting her head and left her there to struggle out of the rest of the wreckage. The party regrouped outside the entrance of this tunnel, where the spineless Tiefling promptly closed the door behind us.

I don’t think we have the journal we need, and I know that there are more places to search down there. Whether they follow me or not, I’m going back.



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