The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #4

When we left the dungeon with out booty we returned to the airship and traveled back to Xelona. I have no trust in this band, after Szinnit held me down while the dwarf beat me unconscious. A truly honorable dwarf indeed, assaulting a restrained, compliant girl.

The others don’t even seem to think their treatment of me was a problem. The only one who did not participate in my attack was the Tiefling, who seems to be the best of the three. Szinnit may be excused from some of his behaviors for not understanding how to act in company (although how he has lived so long and does not know how to behave around other species baffles me). The dwarf’s behavior is inexcusable.

I knew the dwarf only wanted whatever he could sell from this adventure, which proved true once we got back to Xelona, where he sold what he could then went to a gambling hall to try and lose his earnings. This only reinforced to me that my “dishonorable” action was only in claiming my share of the earnings, albeit before the adventure was finished. But I have no lust for treasure, and magical items are only of worth to me in that I can use their magic, which is what I did. The fact that the dwarf assaulted a half-elf for using the magic in an elvish helmet rather than letting him make profit from selling it only shows his greedy character.

I took precautionary measures to not be assaulted by Szinnit or the dwarf again, so I spent the entirety of the trip back in my hawk form. I did of course inform the captain of my shape-shifting ability, and that I would be up on top of the sails if I was needed.

Upon reflection, it may have been an overreaction based on fear from the rest of the group (although I doubt the dwarf would ever admit it) that led them to attack me. My power is not one that is widely known, and those who do know about it are secretive in their knowledge of it either because they are protecting someone, or hunting someone. People fear what they do not understand, and I am sure that none of the rest understand what I can – and cannot – do. It might also be that magical items are worth more to those who can use them, thus prompting some of their violence. Still, perhaps a discussion and not a fist would have been advisable.

Once back in Xelona (and after breakfast, much to the chagrin of the dwarf and Szinnit) we handed over the Bag of Holding and all of the journals we found in the dungeon. Zipp wanted to argue about the wording of the original agreement, but in the end handed over all of the journals. I’m sure he only wanted to sell or destroy as many as he could, hoping only a particular journal was actually desired.

The rest divvied up the magical items that we found in the dungeon. Zipp got a pearl that allows him to carry an extra spell, and a flaming sword, Szinnit got a magical staff with truly impressive and qualities that seemed like they would be quite useful to everyone in the party but me. The staff needed to be attuned to the user by a Druid, so Szinnit went in search of a druid, and upon finding one, gave the druid the staff for free, I do not understand Szinnit, but at least he did not try to haggle for the thing. The dwarf got some magic armor, but he of course sold it for the money.

Zipp and I had the assortment of potions that we found in the dungeon identified. Most of them sound as though they would be useful to the rest of the party. Two of them are useful only to me, which was a pleasant surprise. There are two magical poisons, which I will be keeping on hand for when I need a refill on my Spellfire. Zipp entrusted the rest of the vials to me to carry, along with my poisons. Of all of the band, he is the only one who seems to trust me, and he is certainly the only one I trust.

We received another assignment from our employer when we completed our previous task. This time we will become bounty hunters, chasing down a murder wanted dead or alive. Other than being a vicious killer the employer mentioned she was a half-orc and a capable warrior, but I doubt that brute strength and luck alone has kept them from capture so far.

As we are using the same airship this trip as we did for the last one, we are looking to make heavy use of them for this mission, and a good relationship with an airship will be highly useful in the future, I decided to barter with them for my services. I revealed to the captain, the shard gnome in charge of the engine, and a Wizard crew member my particular abilities. In exchange for a boon (as yet unnamed) I will be refilling one shard every time I travel on the March Hare, allowing that I have the time and the necessary Spellfire.



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