The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #5

From Zipp's Journal

Well… we finally went off to find Trudy and I must say that I don’t really have a clue as to where to begin. I don’t mean with the writings I mean with finding this girl. We have landed on the city where she was last seen but it’s clear that no one here wants to help us find her.

The logical place to begin was the half orc tavern in town so that’s where we went. The barkeep appeared to be familiar with Trudy but refused to give any useful information. After an attempt or two at bribery he soon called the police and threw us out… How my mother gets her information is beyond me… it might be easier with her though as she is a beautiful woman and I’m just a guy… a thought for another time. I attempted to stake out the bar but no sign of Trudy was there.

It quickly became obvious that Trudy was no longer in the city and we received a tip in the general direction in which she last went. Our half-elf seems to have a strange connection with her even though we’ve never her. She is determined that Trudy is an innocent woman but I find it hard to imagine that an innocent woman has this large of a bounty on her head. Regardless I have agreed that we won’t simply kill her on sight but no matter the matter we need to find her as quickly as possible so that we may attempt to prove her innocence or as I hope bringing her to justice.

We bounced around from town to town until we realized that Trudy was yet again a couple of days ahead of us and on a new fragment. We boarded our ship and left to find her. While in the air we encountered some poor pirates… those poor bastards. They attempted to steal our crystals and leave us stranded but the opposite quickly happened. I attempted to use my fire magic to set their sails ablaze so that way we could quickly outsail them. My other companions took to the battle to try and give our crew a fighting chance. The half-elf boarded their other ship but didn’t appear to do much fighting… I’m still not sure what exactly she did but she certainly left them useless whatever she did.

We have now landed on Quenya in the search of Trudy… where exactly we go from here is completely unknown. I must be honest in that I am quickly losing interest in hunting this half-orc. Our half-elf has become more and more determined to prove her innocence even though we have zero evidence to support this claim. Granted I have no evidence that she is evil but it is my duty to do a job that has been given to me. It would not be wise to burn these bridges so soon before I have returned home.



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