Mistral Kaledin


Mistral is a trim half elf who stands five foot eight. She has black hair that often is swept over one of her black eyes. She favors neutral colored leather armor that is light and offers her unrestricted movement. She often dons a hood when she is in crowded areas.


Mistral was born on the airship Stormrunner. Mistral’s parents were fliers, carrying both passengers and cargo as jobs came up. Together they owned their ship and worked independently. Mistral’s mother, Simbriel, was an elf from house Nevarth, her father, Stepen Kaladin, was human from house Vendel. This romance led the pair to leave their respective fragments and take to the skies, away from judgment from either race. They joined house Wexin, a house welcoming to mixed-breeds and inter-racial coupling, making Jimikandi their new home when not in the skies. Mistral is the youngest of six children, with two brothers and three sisters ahead of her.

When Mistral could just toddle, she fell off of the rail of the Stormrunner. Rather than plummeting into the Maelstrom however, once she was airborne Mistral turned into a hawk. Her mother, having heard Mistral’s childish shriek when she fell turn to the cry of a bird of prey, recognized what had happened and called the young and frightened hawk to her. Mistral’s mother could also change her form – hers was and eagle – so was not surprised by her child’s ability and began teaching Mistral how to control her shapeshifting.

Mistral lost her parents before she was old enough to have any firm memory of them. The Maelstrom Pirates attacked her parent’s ship. They fought off the pirates, but the ship was badly damaged. Magar the Urisk Stepan hired to be the muscle on the ship as well as the children’s protector, herded all of the children and the passengers off the ship in lifeboats, with the remaining crew and Mistral’s parents staying aboard to try and save the ship. Mistral has no memory of losing her parents, but she was told that the pirates fired a parting shot that ignited the sails, and her parents’ ship burned with most of the crew and her parents still aboard.

After they were rescued and returned to Jimakandi, Mistral’s oldest brother Akash, being old enough to man a ship himself, bought a flier with his parents’ savings and a small amount of money donated by Vadim, Stepan’s brother from house Vendel. Vadim, being from house Vendel, is a human purist, but his duty to family ensured he did what little he could to help the children after his brother’s death. Akash set sail ferrying passengers and cargo as his parents had done, with his siblings and a few others as crew. Mistral grew up on her brother’s ship the Stormcrow. Zephyr, her other brother, acted as first mate. Gale, Tempest, Sky, and Mistral all worked as crew. Gale as quartermaster, Tempest on the rigging, Sky as a steward for the passengers, and Mistral as a general cabin girl and apprentice navigator.

Mistral spent a lot of time with, Guliven, the shard gnome who maintained the Stormcrow’s Shard Engine. Guliven took special interest in Mistral’s interaction with the shards used to power the ship, making sure she clearly understood how they worked, as well as the hazards they present. During this time she and Bevin, a tiefling cabin boy on this ship, has a short childhood romance. Mistral did learn many other jobs onboard the Stormcrow during her time, including working the rigging and the tiller. During this time she came to know Bert, Akash’s regional Airship guild manager.

Durring this time Akash took on a new crew member, a somewhat brash young human named Petras. Mistral disliked him from the moment they met. Still, he was crew. Over a few flights mistral grew suspicious of Petras and started tailing him when they made port. She soon discovered he was a spy for the Bonemen, and that he intended to leak infromation to these pirates about their next mission. Mistral was able to get Pertas arrested before they left that port, saving her ship, but earning her the animosity of the Bonemen.

When Mistral was a teenager she met a passenger, Taranath a wood elf, who caught her attention in a way no other passenger had done. He was a young mage’s apprentice traveling with his mentor. They struck up a friendship, and over repeated travels back and forth the mageling and Mistral deepened their relationship from friendship to love. Mistral finally chose to leave her brother’s ship with his blessing when Taranath, now a newly minted mage, asked for her hand. This caused Gale, Mistral’s oldest sister, to become intensely jealous as she hated working the ships, but had no way out. Together they went to the small Wexin fragment of Orzo to settle down. There, far from big cities, Taranath could study in peace, and Mistral could experiment with her abilities far from prying eyes.

While Mistral was at the market in nearby Woodbrook, a monster attacked the village. Mistral gained folk hero status on her little fragment for single-handedly defeating the monster and saving the village. Mistral had feared unleashing her powers would draw unwanted attention from the villagers, but as she was married to a mage, it was assumed that she was simply a mage as well. After this episode, Mistral and Taranath were called on to aid folk around their area against a variety of dangers.

Because of her growing reputation, a member of the Guild of Varlets, Cutpurses, and Mendicants named Kuban was sent to investigate rumors of the folk heroes of Woodbrook. Upon seeing the situation, and getting to know Mistral and Taranath, he chose to report that there was nothing out of the ordinary in Woodbrook to the client who hired him.

Then came the tragedy. Gale, jealous of Mistral’s happiness, caused some catastrophe that left Taranath dead and Mistral severely wounded. The story is somewhat obscure, but it is known Rayen, the bounty hunter, was somehow involved as well. She disappeared for some months after. Some believed she died in the catastrophe as well, but 4 months later she turned down a contract from house Perelle.
Mistral awoke on Xelona in the home of a woman named Ilona, a member of the Daughters of Sycorax. Mistral was badly injured and devastated by the death of her lover, but Ilona nursed her back to health. Mistral’s recovery, both physically and mentally, took eight months. There she became friends with Velvet, a new member of the Daughters of Sycorax. Before Mistral left on her first adventure after recovering Ilona introduced her to Ocella, a mysterious grey tabaxi puma whom Ilona told Mistral she should trust and to call upon if she was ever in need.

Information newly uncovered

Mistral is a Crystalborn. These rare individuals have the ability to drain magic much like the shards of the World Stone. They can then use this magic, which they call spellfire, for a limited number of effects. Though the effects can differ from crystalborn to crystalborn, most can fire a blast of spellfire that does damage, and erect a shield for protection. Very little is known about how a crystalborn is created. It does not seem to be genetic, though it seems to be that more cystalborn are half breeds. Male crystalborn are either extremely rare or not possible. There are a few accounts of a male cystalborn some 3000 years ago, about the time the first accounts of crystalborn show up in the historical records.

Because crystalborn are so rare, and seem to have some connection to the shards, they are often sought out by powerful factions who wish to use the crystalborn’s power for their own purposes. A crystalborn will be hunted all of their life as they try to avoid attention. Thankfully most commoners do not know the difference between the spellfire of the crystalborn and normal magic.

Mistral discovered her powers when she first picked up a shard to hand to Guliven on the Stormcrow. He saw her absorb its power and realized she was crystalborn. He knew just enough to show her how to push the magic back into the crystal shard. It was he who advised her to keep her abilities secret. Only Akash, Gale, Tempest, and before he died, Taranath, know of her abilities.

Gale’s betrayal of Mistral was to spread the world of a Crystalborn on Orzo. Some faction hired Rayen to bring Mistral in. Rayen ambushed Taranath and Mistral. The battle did not go well, Taranath was mortally wounded. He started casting spell after spell on Mistral causing her to overload with spellfire. The resulting blast killed Taranath and everyone of the attackers, save Rayen who transported back to her ship. Mistral was left wounded and dying. Ilona was near by looking for Mistral, having heard the rumors as well. She discovered Mistral and brought her back to Xelona. The Daughters of Sycorax believe that the Crystalborn are creatd by Sycorax, and so they work to aid them. Velvet, the half-tabaxi that Mistral met after healing, is also a crystalborn.

Mistral Kaledin

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