Shadok Trin

A neutral agent in xelona


A relatively human looking tiefling, Shadok nevertheless has completely black eyes and a small pair of fangs. He favors stylish clothing usually in greens and blues. He always travels with his rapier, though few have seen him use it.


Shadok is a neutral agent in Xelona. He acts as a middleman between clients who are looking for adventurers to fulfill some mission and those who are willing to risk their lives on such adventures. He is one of the more well respected agents on Xelona, but by no means the most popular or powerful. There is some mystery about his acquisition of Absalom Hall as such a prime piece of real estate should not be within his means. Shadok tends to be quite selective about the clients he takes on, as well as those he will hire for his client’s work.

Shadok Trin

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