Lizard Man Monk


Physical Description

Standing tall at 6’10, the blue scaled lizard man seems to be lumbering over most people. With his straw hat pulled down over his eyes it’s hard to get a good look at his face. His dark clothes match his mood for most of the time. Often times of the day he would be chewing on some type of dried venison, or long piece of straw. The large lizard keeps to the shadows when possible not wanting to be stared at by the multitudes. If you approach do so with caution, he isn’t exactly in the best mood…ever…

On his back you would see the Sabreen staff. A quarter staff with a blade on both ends that have handles for quick movement.

On his side you will see a garden spade, not big, but something he never lets out of his site.


Early Years

Green Frost fought. They fought often. Because of this heads of houses were required to fight with the stronghold that claimed it. Broods wanting power would sent more than just the heads of a house hold, in hopes that their family could claim a name of fame. To obtain a house in the palace for your family was something that even the upper class wanted, and because of that everyone went to war when the call was put out.

My family was different. We were apart of the SwiftTail Brood, a large brood within the strong hold. Yet my family was content with a small life on the outer part of the fragment. Raising different types of stock, this helped feed the small village where I lived. At the young age of 5 the call was put out once again, and my father was the one to answer the call. I pleaded with him not to go, and to allow me to take his place. As an only child he was not wiling to let me do this. I remember when he left that day, it was a sad day in my eyes. He handed me a small spade Spade.jpg and told me it would be the last tool I would ever need to use. Because of this I have never let it leave my sight. I never saw my father again after that. It was reported he was lost in the maelstrom when a ship he boarded was hit and destroyed. I have never forgiven anyone for my father and it still lingers with me this day.

Years went by and the anger stayed with me. I have learned to cope with anger using certain methods of meditation in areas of total peace. A half days walk from my village was a glade surrounded by rock walls. It held a small waterfall into lake and it was untouched by anything but nature. I’m certain this place was formed after the world fragmented, and no one had ever found it. Flowers adorned the rock walls that surrounded the area, the deep purples and blues that cascaded off those walls could tame even my wildest of moods. It was my own little peace of heaven.

On a day that nothing had gone right, I decided to take a quick trip to my little area of solace. While breathing in the sweet fragrance of the area around me loud booms off in the distance pulled me back to reality. I decided it would be a good idea to head back, not exactly happy about the interruption of my peace. Getting closer to my village I started to notice little wisps of smoke spiraling upwards. I had quickened my pace trying to get back to help whatever accident may have happened, that is when I began to smell burning flesh. The wisps of smoke turned into billowing black plumes spiraling upward, my quickened pace turned into a sprint back to the village, anger rising within me. Suddenly it hit me, there wasn’t a smell of burning hair, just flesh. If any of the animals had been caught up in the fire the first thing that would have been burnt would be their hair. With this in mind I slowed to a stop at the edge of trees surrounding my village. I could feel the my blood boiling underneath my skin as I gazed upon buildings that were still on fire. I could see people from my village being pushed around and forced into chains. There were ships there as well. My friends and family were being forced to enter the ships in rows, heads hung low.

I had heard stories of slavers coming to fragments, but never experienced it in all of my 145 years of life. I wasn’t sure what to do. Running in to stop what I was seeing would mean I would be captured too, or even worse death. Watching my family be taken away wasn’t an option for me. I had one last choice, the only way I could help my village, I had to find a way to sneak onto one of those ships…

Found and Left Behind

The ship was busy for the first part of the voyage, slipping down into storage was relatively easy. Hiding there among the boxes I was able to survive off of the food storage. Slowly I made my way out each day watching for repetitious movements between the crew, anything that I could use to my advantage. They quickly ran out of water and were forced to stop to resupply on an empty fragment. Let me reiterate, the fragment was empty. As they were clearing out and reorganizing the storage that is were my fortune got even less fortunate. (I Know I’m the luckiest damn Lizard you’ve ever come across.) They threw me off the ship, leaving me there. They didn’t kill me, they didn’t enslave me like the rest of my village. They left me. They loaded up their storage and sailed away. I haven’t seen that ship or symbol since. But make no mistake, if I ever see it again, blood will be spilled.


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