Travok SilverFist

Dwarf Fighter


Travok was born with a birthmark on his right arm that looked almost like a twin headed sword. His parents, who were adventurers, were tasked to collect precious metals from other Houses and find new shards with unclaimed resources. When Travok was too young to remember his father disappeared and his mother didn’t know where or why. Soon after that Travok’s mother stopped going on adventures. After the two years with his mother Travok was given to a foster family because his mother was dying. The family that took him in was a friend of his mother’s named Harad. Travok later found that his foster family was Hesir Harad of House Brillyn. During his younger years with Hesir Harad he learned how to use masonry tools and basic combat skills. Duke Harad convinced Travok at a young age that if he followed the way of Tyr and always followed the law he could be a member of The Knights of the Iron Hammer. He was told that being a member required more than just physical strength and that he would have to train every day.

When Travok was 28 he went with the Harad to meet Emperor Ecard. This is where he first met a member of the Knights Draconic. He introduced himself as Travok of House Brillyn and she said her name was Diesa. Travok knew that the Knights Draconic were very powerful. Even knowing this he foolishly challenged her to a duel because he thought if he could defeat her in battle he would be able to impress the members of his House. Diesa laughed and accepted his challenge knowing the fight would be over almost instantly. During the duel Travok actually managed to land one solid blow on Diesa before he conceded. Diesa was impressed that this young dwarf managed to land a single damaging blow. Diesa asked what Travok did with his spare time and he responded “I am training to become a member of The Knights of the Iron Hammer.” She laughed and told him to keep working at it. He thanked her and returned to Hesir Harad.

Weeks after Harad returned to The Rock members from House Merkum wanted to meet him with some business about shards. Travok met Zook one of the guard forces that House Merkum brought with them. Travok asked a bunch of questions about shards to try and gain better understanding as to what they were. While the meeting took place Zook answered most of Travok’s questions while he gave him a tour around The Rock. After the meeting with the Duke the members from House Merkum left. Travok gained a small understanding about what shards were and how they were important from the knowledge Zook had shared. Travok took a break from his training to read books about shards. During his reading he encountered a text that interested him. A text about Renim God of Justice pulled his attention away from shards. After reading several texts about gods he started to value Renim and what he represented.

Almost seven months after reading various books about shards and gods he resumed physical training. After training one day he met a female dwarf named Hlin. She would say hello to him and try to talk to him every day after his training. Travok was too young and was too focused on his other objectives so he didn’t notice her much. Once as he arrived for training Hlin had asked him on a date and he refused because he wasn’t looking for love. Hlin was furious but persistent. She asked him out several more times only to be refused by him every time. Hlin swore he would regret his decision and stormed off. He never saw her again after that.

After training for most of his childhood Travok enlisted in the Bryllin military. After arriving at the base Travok had a hard time adjusting to this new way of living as he grew up in a Hesir’s home for most of his life. Though he was no stranger to combat and he enjoyed this opportunity to hone his skills. He was given a set of chainmail armor and a mace before he was assigned to the front lines. While there he would participate in duels and dice games with other soldiers.

Once, several years later, during a battle he met a dwarf named Flint a fellow soldier who was using what Travok knew only as magic. They had seen each other in camp so Travok knew Flint was as stubborn as he was. Flint started taking bets as to who could kill the most gnolls. Travok had some shards built up from playing dice so he made a bet on himself to get the highest gnoll kills. After a day of battle Flint used all of his magical abilities and beat Travok. He was told he had to pay up by morning or he would be considered a traitor. Travok grew angry at the idea of being branded as a traitor so when morning arrived he challenged Flint to a duel for double or nothing. Flint was furious that he would be challenged and because he so hard headed he accepted Travok’s challenge. This duel lasted for what seemed like an hour because neither side refused to concede. Travok knew that Flint’s magic was powerful and he had to stop it somehow. He had an epiphany about how to fight a mage. He had seen Flint battle gnolls so he had an idea what was needed to stop him. If he could attack right as a spell was prepared he could throw Flint off and create a situation that would be in his favor. With this knowledge he learned the mage slayer feat and defeated Flint by knocking him unconscious. Because it was an honorable battle and Travok has sworn to live by honor his whole life he put the sack of coins owed to Flint in his pocket. When Flint regained consciousness other soldiers around him started poking fun at his loss. Flint transferred to a different frontline after that duel swearing that if he saw Travok again he would not lose again.

After a total of 15 years of war Travok knew the end of the operation was near and that the gnolls would likely surrender if he could beat one of their leaders in a duel. The Urau’Auk military was already shaken from losing so many units over the years and already they were preparing for a retreat. If another leader were to be defeated the retreat would happen sooner. A few days later Travok had his chance. He openly challenged the gnoll leader of the soldiers to a duel. During this duel with Arak’Kah leader of the gnoll soldiers in this area Travok had his mace stolen by a gnoll who was watching. Enraged by this Travok charged at Arak’ Kah with his shield knocking the three headed flail out of his hands. Travok picked up this flail and used it to knock Arak’ Kah unconscious. The gnolls, taking this as a sign that Arak’Kah was defeated, took his body and hastily made their retreat away from the area. Travok soon left the military and headed to Xelona to seek his fortune.

Travok SilverFist

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