Tiefling Priest


Zipp is from the nobility of House Quade. While growing up he became friends a tiefling boy named Xixus. Xixus went on to become to train as a guard for his family as a fighter. Xixus is 5 years older than Zipp. When he was 17 Zipp was sent off to train in the imperial court while going through the priesthood to become an official cleric of the realm. After only one year of studying he quickly became enemies with a female named Lilah. Lilah was a female human who disagreed vehemently with the older priests. She believed that they needed to do more to help the poor and do less about simply worshipping the gods. She hated Zipp due to his accomplishments within the priesthood. During his studies he excelled in all aspects of the priesthood but his greatest accomplishment was being able to commune with his Goddess Amira the goddess of love and fertility to the greatest degree of any student in the history of the royal priesthood. After he graduated (five years later) he quickly realized that the lesson his family really wanted him to learn was that the political players in the realm were corrupt beyond repair.

He quit the priesthood after only a year of service. He was caught trespassing near the Imperial Palace, but as they were unable to prove that he was stealing they could only charge him with trespassing. As punishment for trespassing he was jailed for four months. There he ran in to Lilah who had been arrested for “redistribution of wealth.” While in jail they found that they now agreed on what they could do to better the realm. They created the “Guild of the people.” The Guild of the People was created to give the poorest people in the realm a fighting chance. They gather arcane users and thieves who have a big and are willing to work without pay. They steal from the richest families and give to the poorest. Through their work together Zipp and Lilah realized that they had even more in common than they thought and have been romantically involved since the inception of The Guild of the People one year ago.

In order to create the Guild Zipp knew that he would need to create a number of contacts to help those around him. One of them was someone whom he referred to as simple Skia. Skia is a part of the Memnocha and takes care of particularly violent problems with honor. The second was Tick who is a member of the Samaritans who set Zipp up with a number of good hearted rogues who wanted to get back at the elite of society and have the skill set to do so. The third is a female named Viola with whom he studied with at the priesthood. While she agreed with him on many ideas, she couldn’t leave her house House Zukta but they remain on good terms to this day.

Zipp does have a number of enemies. Most of them are related to the elite of the realm who do not wish to see Zipp succeed in his endeavors. One of them is Samuel of House Vendel who hired an assassin to attempt to kill Zipp’s mother The second enemy is Scar. He is a hired mercenary of House Vendel who was hired to scare people that seem to learn too much of the corruption at the top. Scar found Zipp in a back alley and beat him leaving him to die. Before Scar left he pulled out a magical brand and placed it on Zipp’s neck leaving a small magic “X.” Zipp cannot seem to hide the “X.” Luckily it is small enough that most people do not notice it. Zipp’s third enemy was an old friend of his back in the priesthood. Her name is Mia. Mia had romantic interest in Zipp from the first year to the last year, but as Zipp was too focused on school he turned her down time and time again. This is more of a love hate relationship than a true mortal enemy. Mia feels spited and dislikes Zipp for such but there is no mortal grudge against him.

The last enemy is the only one that Zipp truly regrets making an enemy. Her name is Kerrigan. Kerrigan joined “The People’s Guild” during its inception because, although she was from House Shamzadan, she also believed that the poor of the cities deserved better. During a particularly daring robbery Zipp was caught by Kerrigan’s father. Zipp cast a charm spell to prevent him from freaking out but the spell backfired and caused Kerrigan’s father to go mad and before Zipp could stop him Kerrigan’s father killed himself. Zipp immediately tried to heal him, but was unsuccessful. Kerrigan came in right at the last minute and saw Zipp standing over Kerrigan’s father’s body. Zipp was forced to leave before he had a chance to explain himself.

Despite his ability to blend in with the crowd the one thing that anyone who runs into him remembers is his staff. As a child he learned how to fight with a sword, but during the priesthood they trained us in quarterstaff. In order to combine his two loves his mother commissioned the creation of a special staff. When Zipp puts his hand on the center of the staff the ends of the staff are replaced by blades. Zipp is now on his way to attempt to recruit more rogues who are willing to join “The People’s Guild.”


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