Tag: Xelona


  • Xelona

    Considered the only truly neutral fragment, Xelona is home to the rogues’ gallery of the Remnants. The fragment holds only a single city with multiple harbors. In the city one can find all manor of vices present. Most slavers come through Xelona, as do …

  • Shadok Trin

    Shadok is a neutral agent in Xelona. He acts as a middleman between clients who are looking for adventurers to fulfill some mission and those who are willing to risk their lives on such adventures. He is one of the more well respected agents on Xelona, …

  • Ocella

    A mysterious figure Mistral was introduced to through her contacts with the Daughters of Sycorax. She assisted Mistral and her companions when the Bloodhorns were attacking Aurata.

  • Jane Enthyth

    Jane is the owner and operator of the Cloak and Dagger, a pub in the Rogue's Quarter that is a favorite of Zipp's.

  • Bella

    Bella is a half-tabaxi blossom girl. Szinnit has taken to sitting in her flower garden to meditate when he wanders the Court of Flowers. He has not scared away any customers, so she lets him.

  • Willow Leaf

    Willow Leaf is a druid who tends to hang out in the groves of Hyde Park in Xelona. She is a representative of the Wyld Guardians, and is always the most vocal about any suggested changes to parks in Xelona.

  • Anya

    Originally the group met her as Shadak Trin's maid. It turns out, however, that she was the mysterious client who originally hired the group. She, and Trin, work for the Tarresque Claw and have been testing the PCs to see if they would make able …