Banther.pngh1. House Banther

Primary Race: Tabaxi Puma

Sword: NA

Location: Ilynxal

Chivalric Order: Order of the Claw

Allies: Oncilla,

Enemies: Taguan

The Banther were the second Feline house to join the Parliament. The house itself formed from those who left Taguan controlled fragments due to the strict caste system. The ruling family of the Banther were in fact tabaxi puma, the lowest caste of the tabaxi. Those that joined the house did so because the house offered freedom for individuals to grow beyond the castes. Even some leonin joined the house to be free of the burden of leadership.
Though they won the Second Feline War, all of the heirs of house Banther were dead. When the last Banther emperor, Lynxis III, died the house removed itself from the Parliament. They made no formal declaration, only left the Imperial City and returned to Ilynxal. The Parliament finally understood the house had gone rogue when the third messenger sent to Ilynxal returned in a box.
Though the normal thing to do would be attack the house, aside from the dead messenger, the Banther have done nothing political. They carry on their lives on Ilynxal, trading and bartering. They have not relinquished their shares of Orbuculum, which is beginning to annoy the Taguan as well as some other houses.
Many believe that the Banther are biding their time, waiting for something before asserting themselves again. With the name Cougarin, Lynxis III’s oldest son cropping up in connection to the Tarresque Claw, the Parliament is worried.

Duke Reager (assumed)

Reager comes from a branch line of the royal Banther family. He is a tabaxi tigris in appearance, but his mother was a tabaxi puma. Reager leads the Banther in all their encounters with outsiders, dignitaries, messengers, pirates. He does not claim to rule the house, nor does he claim anyone else does, so for now he is the assumed ruler.
Reager is a skilled combatant having trained as one of the Scarred. He was to be Cougarin’s Sword Master when he ascended the throne.


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