The Brotherhood

Class: Rogue

Architypes: All Brotherhood.jpg

Races: All

Location: Coquor

Allies: The Ocour

Enemies: The Tarresque Claw

The Brotherhood is one of the largest thieves’ guilds across the Remnants. They began shortly after the Shard Engines made travel easier. They run much like a family, each branch pays tribute to the Father of the organization in exchange for equipment and backup, if needed.
They are based on Coqour, the home fragment of House Ocour. Though the Ocour claim this is a coincidence, many believe the Ocour and the Brotherhood share an alliance.
In recent years the Brotherhood has lost a number of branches to the Tarresque Claw.


The leader of the brotherhood is Father. He is an enigmatic character. No one in fact ever sees Father directly. He sends emissaries to those who wish to speak with him.


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