The Cabal

Class: Arcane magic users

Archetypes: All save the Undying Pact and the Fiend PactGray_cabal.jpg

Races: All

Location: The Imperial City

Allies: Whitecloaks, Crimson Magi

Enemies: Thaumatists, Cult of Life

The Cabal is the largest and most inclusive mages’ guild in the Remnants. They take any arcane magic user who wishes to join. Some rumors persist that the even welcome demonologists like those of the Cult of Gorboko, though the Cabal is quick to counter those rumors.
The Cabal were major players in the Arcane Wars and in putting down the Cult of Life. In general they have a good reputation across the Remnants. Their tower is located on the Imperial City.

Mistress Mizuki

Born on Fujin with moonlight colored hair, Mizuki was always destined to become a magic user. She has sorcery in her blood, but also agreed to a warlock’s pact, and studied formal magic with the Whitecloaks for a while. Her abilities are unmatched by any mage alive today.


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