Crimson Magi

The Crimson Magi

Class: Sorcerer

Archetypes: AllCrimson.jpg

Races: All

Location: Uswage

Allies: Thaumatists, The Cabal

Enemies: Whitecloaks, The Cult of Life

The Crimson Magi are a result of the fact the Whitecloaks allow only wizards. Durring the Arcane Wars sorcerers who where turned away by the Whitecloaks who still wanted to be part of the battle, presumably against the cult of Life, formed the Crimson Magi, crimson because a sorcerer’s magic is in their blood.
The Crimson Magi only allows sorcerers, but has no limitations on the bloodline that causes the sorcerer’s magic. They tend toward altruistic aims, but there is not a push for all members to conform to any one ethos.

Savant Morchan

Morchan is a half elf who has been leading the Crimson Magi for almost a century. Under his watch the Crimson magi have become a potent faction, earning a few shares of Orbuculum and distinguishing themselves as a charitable faction. Morchan is beginning to consider retirement and has begun looking for a suitable replacement.

Crimson Magi

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