Cult of Life

The Cult of LifeCult_of_life.png

Class: All (mostly Clerics, Monks, and Warlocks

Archetypes: All (Warlock archetype Undying and Monk archetype The Long death are exclusive to the Cult of life).

Races: All

Location: Unknown

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Most of the rest of the Remnants

The Cult of Life is a quasi-religious sect that believes death is just a transition into true life, what most sane people call undeath. The wizard Vezucax began this cult during the reign of the Wyrm Tyrant and soon after finished the transformation into a lich. His cult remained underground until the Arcane Wars where they were a major player.
After the Arcane Wars they disappeared for about 200 years. They then rose up and began attacking the mage guilds. Htye also began raiding villages, promping the Emperor to send the dragon knights after them. The Cult was all but destroyed, as was Vezucax, save his phylactery was never discovered. Now there are rumors he is back and the Cult is gaining strength.

Lord Vezucax

Once a powerful, if misguided, wizard, Vezucax completed the process of becoming a litch just as the Wyrm Tyrant was put down. It is Vezucax who propagated the belief that life starts as undeath, and he that lead his cult to battle in the Arcane Wars, and later as they rose up against the magi guilds. Most people assume Vezucax is insane, but his rhetoric in fact makes sense to some.

Cult of Life

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