Daughtrs of Sycorax

The Daughters of Sycorax

Class: Wizards, sorcerers, warlocks latest.png

Archetypes: All

Races: All

Location: The Imperial City

Allies: NA

Enemies: Cult of the Dragon, Cult of Life, Cult of Gorboko

The Daughters of Sycorax is a small cult devoted to the veneration of the witch who created the Dragon Blades. They are a small cult, and open to any female arcane magic user who wishes to show her veneration for Sycorax. Many of the Daughters specialize in making magical items, particularly swords. Some of the most powerful magic swords, aside from the Dragon Blades, were created by Daughters of Sycorax members.
The Daughters to not get involved in politics. Instead they focus their magic on defending the people of the Remnants for any who seek to harm them, most notably the other cults.

Enchantress Marnia

A powerful warlock, Marnia has been a Daughter of Sycorax for most of her life. She forged a fey pact at the age of twelve and has been a potent member of the daughters since. She knows Sycorax has returned, and is seeking her.

Daughtrs of Sycorax

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