The Draconia Draconia.jpg

Races: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Airship Syndicate, Maelstrom Pirates

The Draconia is a mysterious Airship that flies through the Maelstrom targeting ships and fragments for plunder. The ship itself is the largest known ship, bigger even than the Imperial dreadnought. The ship is instantly recognizable due to its large dragonhead shaped prow, and the dragon pirate flag they fly. They are not affiliated with the Maelstrom pirates, and in fact prefer to raid pirate ships over others.
Many find they are confused by the Draconia as it does not attack any ship it passes, but seems to have specific targets that it lies in wait for. This led some to believe that the Draconia is not a lone entity, but tied to some group. The Tarresque Claw and the Red Shadow are both candidates, though the Draconia has been flying for centuries where the Claw and the Red Shadow are relatively new.
The Draconia sometimes takes on new crew. She will land near some backwater location and wait for those interested to make their way to the ship. No one knows how they choose who will fly with them, but those who are rejected are killed. No one has ever returned from the ship to speak of it. Either they never return, or if they were crew they die before telling the secrets of this ship.

Captain Havlock

The captain of the Draconia is just as mysterious as his ship. As Havlock has been captain of the Draconia since it first sailed, he must me several centuries old; however, he appears to be a half-elf or human, not capable of such a long life. Havlock sometimes visits taverns on fragments when his ship is close, but is not attacking. As few have ever seen the captain no one realizes they are drinking with Havlock until he pays with coins struck with the Draconia’s flag.


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