Dragon Knights

Order of the Knights Draconic Dragon_knights.jpg

Races: All

Location: The Imperial City

Allies: The Emperor, the Wyrm Lords

Enemies: Anyone who opposes the Wyrm Lords or the Emperor

The Order of the Knights Draconic, also called the Dragon Knights, are one of the most potent and feared military units in the Remnants. Every knight rides a powerful drake allowing them to move between fragments, as well as use devastating aerial attacks. While there are no laws forbidding others to use drakes as mounts, few do.
The Dragon Knights were established by the Wyrm Lords as a protection and enforcement for the Emperor who would normally only have his own house’s military forces. They remain as such, but every emperor must deal with the fact that the dragon knights are loyal to the Wyrm Lords first. They have forbid emperors from using the Dragon Knights in certain situations. Even if the knights are willing, their drake mounts will not disobey an order from the Wyrm Lords.

Lord Dravull

Dravull is one of a long line of dragonborn leaders for the Dragon Knights. His family have been in the Dragon Knights for generations. He believes in the mission of the knights and their allegiance with the Wyrm Lords. He has been known to question imperial orders if he thinks the order may counter the intent of the knights as he understands it. Though this has angered the emperor, he cannot remove the leader of the knights, as they knights choose their own leader, and must be the ones to remove him or her.

Dragon Knights

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