Fangs of Vere Celon

Class: Fighter

Architypes: Eldritch Knight fangs.png

Races: All

Location: The Fortress

Allies: NA

Enemies: NA

The Fangs of Vere Celon are a unique martial academy that teaches its students a blend of combat and magic. They are a quasi-religious order who follow the teachings of Vere Celon, the Arcane Dragon, and see themselves as her mortal fighting force.
Their academy is on one of the smallest independent fragments, the Fortress. This fragment consists of nothing more than a massive walled fortress. There is nothing outside the walls. There is enough room inside for livestock and a garden, keeping those that live on The Fortress fed.
Graduates of the Fnags often end up working for the houses, sometimes as special warriors sent on specific quests.

Archbishop Heyk

Heyk is a duende who was called to the Fangs after a missionary visited his home town. He left Bagrash with the missionary and journeyed to The Fortress. He has been on several missionary trips, as well as acted as a mercenary in several key battles. Heyk may not have the reputation as a swordsman like Viansola or Giles Kreon but he is probably one of the most dangerous men on the Remnants with his powerful combination of sword and spells.


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