House Fasika

Primary Race: HumansFasika.png

Sword: NA

Location: Opipua

Chivalric Order: Order of the Citadel

Allies: Merkum

Enemies: Wexin

House Fasika was destroyed after the First War of the Houses and its people scattered. Some 200 years ago a new Kumar began to assemble those Fasika that he could They gathered in the last remaining fortress on Opipua. Though it seems likely that the goal of the new Fasika is too recreate the house, they have yet to find any real traction on that mission. Most think they will eventuall fall back into other houses.

Kumar Najim

Najim is a religious man, following the church of Amaris. He believes the destruction of house Fasika was against the law, even though it was sanctioned by the Wyrm lords. His goal is to correct this injustice.


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