House Huum

Primary Race: Illithid huum.png

Sword: Cobalt

Location: Alhoon

Chivalric Order: Knights of Illsinine

Allies: Shamzadan, Vendel

Enemies: Kreon, Ocour, Sindri

The Huum are a secretive house. They almost never seem to get involved in Remanent politics, and yet they always seem to profit from ventures taken by many houses. Though they have ruled as the Imperial house, once, the Huum almost always remain a quiet minor house. The most persistent rumor is that they have some kind of alliance with the drow of Shamzadan.
Due to the dietary needs of the illithid, house Huum has a special exemption on slavery, specifically breeding slaves. Though they deny it, the Huum have in the past purchased new slaves from the pirate raiders, as the minds of the freeborn are coveted as a delicacy.

Speaker Win’llsai

The illithid have no formal leader like other houses as they share a kind of hive mind. The speaker, currently Win’llsai, simply communicates the will of the Huum. As an individual Win’llsai is an enigma.



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