House Jadod

Primary Race: GoblinoidsJadod.png

Sword: Ice

Location: The Maw

Chivalric Order: Order of the Burning Eyes

Allies: Turok, Urau’auk, Sindri

Enemies: Hokobyan, Oncilla, Xerxes

Formed as a reaction to the Hokobyan house, the goblinoids of Jadod petitioned and were admitted to the council just after the First feline War. The Jadod represent everything the Hokobyan loath about their ancestors, cruelty, sadism, and a disregard for all life. The house chieftain must prove his strength in contests of skill and strength even after they have killed the previous chieftain. It is rare for a son to succeed a father in ruling this house. Females can rule, if they are strong enough.
The only real political interest of House Jadod is the accumulation of power and wealth. They are clumsy in playing the Shadow War, but dangerous enough that they still have some power on the council.


Gord, a massive hobgoblin, took control of the Jadod after killing his brother Agnot. Though he is a powerful warrior and ambitious leader, Gord is lazy. He likes the position of chieftain because he can order others to do the work he wants to avoid.


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