College of the Jongleur

Class: Bard

Architypes: AllJongleur.png

Races: All

Location: Evensong.

Allies: NA

Enemies: NA

The College of the Jongleur is the only official bardic college on the Remnants. They train bards to become house bards, those who keep the lore and sing the praises of a great house. Even small noble families want a Jongleur to sing about their house. The College has two main branches, the Lorekeepers (College of Lore architype) and the Troubadours (College of Valor architype). Lorekeepers specialize in amassing lore in any form. They use this knowledge to spin amazing tales. The Troubadours focus more on recording the great deeds of valor they witness, as well as using these stories to bolster those in combat.

Master Bard Bella Cewluch.

The College of the Jongleur took Bella in as an infant orphan abandoned on their door. Early on they discovered she had a knack for music and for inspiration. They chose to train her as a troubadour. After her graduation she went to wander the Remnants. She spent time as a house bard for the Kadmos, as well as having had the honor of performing for Archduke Giles, Shugo Kiyra, and even Emperor Ecard himself. Eventually she found her way back to the college to teach. Recently, after the death of the last Headmaster of the college, Bella was elected by the faculty to take the position.
As Headmaster Bella keeps a close eye on her students. She insists that they are trained to think less of house loyalties and relations and more about loyalties to life and love. She often takes talented troubadours under her wing, allowing Nicholas Bron, the head Lorekeeper, to single out exceptional Lorekeepers.


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