Class: Rogue, Monk Memnocha.jpg

Archetypes: Shadow Assassin (Rogue), Way of the Shadow (Monk) only, no other archetypes are allowed.

Races: All

Location: Silhouette

Allies: Tarresque Claw (rumored)

Enemies: The Torr, The Brotherhood

The Memnocha are one of two assassin academies on the Remnants. They are known for their connection to the shadows. The Memnocha show no loyalty to any faction, taking contracts from anyone. Along with the shadows, they are famous for their code of honor. This code has helped make them the dominate assassin’s guild.
There are ten orders to uphold in the Memnocha code of honor. They are as follows:

1. Guard the knowledge of the Memnocha with your life.
2. Honor and obey your commanders.
3. Respect other Memnochas..
4. Always leave an open door for your target to escape.They are intelligent beings and disserve a chance, but if they cannot find the open door they cannot exit.
5. Respect those that best us. They have proven they can fight back, and all future contracts on them will not be taken.
6. Respect your blade; it will save your life if treated well.
7. Respect your mount. It is a living being, and if treated cruelly will betray you.
8. Respect the beliefs of others. They are important to those that believe, and when possible should be observed.
9. Always let your target know who has killed him before he dies. He disserves the truth in death.
10. Respect those hunters outside of the Memnocha. They might not be like us, but they do the same job, and are the most likely to find out about us.

Though most people believe the school is based on the small fragment known as Silhouette, no one has in fact seen the school. There is a kind of office near the landing field where clients can go to contact the Memnocha, but this building is too small to hold the entire school.

The Memnocha Zonris: Lynxari

Lyxari is perhaps the second most feared assassin on the Remnants, after the Black Arrow Assassin. She is a fawn colored tabaxi puma. Her preferred weapon is a pair of daggers, but she also is capable with a bow. Her skills within the Memnocha are legendary. It is said she can be invisible at noon in the desert. As far as anyone knows she has never had a mark escape on her.
She joined the Memnocha at a young age and rose quickly through the ranks. She became the youngest Zonris in history and perhaps the most talked about.


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