House Merkum

Primary Race: Shard Gnomes Merkum.png

Sword: Tungsten

Location: The World Stone

Chivalric Order: Knights of the World Stone

Allies: Brillyn, Banther, Kreon

Enemies: Kashan, Taguan, Vendel

If it were not for the Shards, the Merkum would not have bothered petitioning to be a house. With the other races of the Remnants crawling all over the World Stone, home to the shard gnomes, their hetmen gathered and opted to create a house so that they could have a say in how others used their home.
Though it was time consuming, the Merkum eventually were granted rights as a house, and after a great deal of political work were able to secure a sizable number of shares in Orbuculum. The threat of a strike sped up the process. The Merkum know that the only reason they have any power in the council is due to a few houses who supported them, and the fact that they are the only ones who can mine the Shards.

Hetman Konig

Nearing his 200th birthday, Konig is a withered and wily shard gnome. He tends to dress in commoner’s clothing. His white beard almost reaches the floor. When he is not required to be at the Imperial City, he is usually on the World Stone helping his people mine the Shards.


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