House Ocour

Primary Race: Humans Ocour.png

Sword: Chromium

Location: Coquer

Chivalric Order: Order of the Serpent

Allies: Vendel, Sindri, Perelle

Enemies: Xerxes, Kreon, Urau’auk

Though they claim otherwise, the Ocour are a syndicate of smugglers, thieves, pirates, and assassins. The Despot of the house does his best to politically maneuver so the syndicate can freely indulge in their crimes. The bulk of the existing slave trade on the Remnants begins with Ocour pirate raids. Their access to smuggled shards allows them some autonomy in traveling between the fragments.
The Ocour are currently struggling in a War of Assassins against house Xerxes. The Ocour hired an assassin to kill Patriarch Hyde Xerxes. Though they attempted to make it look like the Black Arrow Assassin took the job, a small mistake lead the Xerxes strait to them. The involvement of the Tarresque Claw in the event has many houses worried.

h1.Despot Bain IV

Dashing and dangerous, Bain is the epitome of a rogue. His assumed arrogance puts many people off, but much like Shimyra of House Shamzadan, many worry that Bain may know secrets. He considers himself a virtuoso swordsman, bragging he could take Joseph Vendel or Giles Kreon, but he has yet to accept a challenge from either to prove his worth.
Bain has recently become scarce in public with the War of Assassins going badly. He has escaped one assassination attempt already.


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