Orbiculum Orbiculum.png

Races: All

Location: The Imperial City and the World Stone

Allies: The Emperor and the Parliament of Blades

Enemies: The Tarresque Claw (rumored), the Shardminders’ Guild

Orbiculum is a company that manages the shipment and distribution of Shards as well as dolling out the profits made from Shard sales. They buy the Shards directly from the Shard Miners as a set price, then sell them, again at a set price. The price for both is set by the Parliament and the Emperor. The company makes large amounts of money from the enterprise, though it is specifically banned from exerting any political pressure on the Parliament of the Emperor.

President Enzo Strozzi

Enzo Strozzi runs the bureaucracy of Orbiculum. This has made him a very wealthy man, probably the richest man outside the Parliament. Though he is barred from political service, he does sometimes try and sway the Parliament to vote in certain ways that favor his accumulation of wealth. The recent rise of the Tarresque Claw has cut into his income some, though he is not sure exactly how.


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