House Perelle

Primary Race: Humans Perelle.png

Sword: Amethyst

Location: Dianor and Birnam

Chivalric Order: Chromatic Knights

Allies: Vendol, Jadod, Huum

Enemies: Kadmos, Kreon, Xerxes

The Perelle are a theocracy headed by the church of Tiamat. This alone makes them a dangerous house. They are the newest house to join the Parliament of Blades, having petitioned along with the Kadmos when house Shamzadan moved to the Estate of Swords. Kadmos won the bid, but the Perelle, prepared for this outcome, attacked and occupied Birnam, the Kadmos fragment.
The Perelle have now occupied Birnam for a fifteen years. The Kadmos have mounted a resistance and keep the Perelle busy putting down insurrections which also keeps them from advancing their political agenda.

Abbess Telice

A woman of considerable height, Telice is an imposing councilor. She recognizes her ability to intimidate, and uses it, but also knowns when to turn on the charm. Most councilors give her a wide berth due to her position of Abbess in the church of Tiamat.


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