Platinum Knights

Platinum Knights

Class: Paladin Platinum.jpg

Archetypes: All but Vengeance

Races: All

Location: Kydan

Allies: Wyrmblades

Enemies: The Cult of Life, The Cult of Gorboko

The Platinum Knights are paladins devoted to the ideals of Bahamut, the Platinum dragon. Unlike the Wyrmblades, the Platinum Knights must always be lawful good as they are required to live as Bahamut directs, obeying the law, dealing out justice, and helping those who need it. Platinum Knights are one of the most welcomed of all the chivalric orders as they only serve Bahamut, no other political entity.
The Citidel of the Platinum Knights is located on Kydan, the home of the Kreon. The Order began as a number of Wyrmblades who were disappointed with the variety of choices that other Wyrmblades were making so, with the Archduke’s blessing, they established a neutral order devoted to Bahamut on Kydan. To this day the Kreon dukes support the Order, but never excursive any power over them.

Templar Calulan

Calulan is a bronze dragonborn born on Kydan and at an early age given to the Platinum Knights for training. He lives the idea life of a Platinum Knight, seeking out evil and dealing it justice, and helping those who need it most.

Platinum Knights

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