Ravan School

Class: MonkRavan.png

Architypes: Way of the Sun Souls

Races: All

Location: Harlin

Allies: Kosh’Dakeen Brotherhood

Enemies: Memnocha

Nestled in the mountains of Halrin fragment, the Ravan School is a small and somewhat exclusive school of monks. All Ravan monks walk the Way of the Sun Souls. This focus on the light means they are opposed to those who seek the darkness, specifically the Memnocha. This animosity is based not on actions, but philosophy, meaning it has never been more of an intellectual disagreement.
Though they are open to all races, the Ravan are mostly human. They do not have as strict of a code to follow as the Kosh’dakeen, but a Ravan must at all times be questing for knowledge from the light.

Master Sen

Sen has only recently become the Master of the Ravan school. Despite his looks he is in his forties. He has only recently returned to Harlin and is finding that the stationary life makes him restless.


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