Rumors on this page are dated based on the date I post them. They represent all the rumors you have heard up to that point in game. The most recent will be on top.

Rumors for August 31, 2016

In the darkest alleys of Xelona they are whispering that Emperor Ecard V killed one of his mistresses. They talk mostly about Ecard’s steward sorting out how to remove the body with the least bit of fuss. Some believe that this mistress was an assassin that Ecard discovered just in time.

A few flyers from house Zukta were overheard speaking about Shugo Kiyra’s wedding. Some take this to mean she has picked a husband, though there has been no public announcement.

A number of people are talking about rumors that Laird Conall of house Kadmos is about to make a move on the Perelle stronghold of Dumain on the Burnam Fragment. Conall is such a legendary figure that there are wild rumors over just how he plans to do it.

Some say that the Black Arrow Assassin was spotted in the Imperial City. So far, though, there have been no assassinations there.

The Draconia is said to have attacked an Imperial cruiser that was loaded with a secret shipment of shards. The rumor says all hands were lost and the cruiser was burned.

Some mages are talking about recent sightings of a Crystalborn on Mitheska.


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