Tarresque Claw

The Tarresque Claw Tarrasque_Claw.jpg

Races: Unknown

Location: Tarresque’s Fragment (rumored)

Allies: Xerxes, Memnocha (rumored), Shardminders Guild (rumored)

Enemies: Red Shadow (rumored), The Brotherhood

Perhaps the most enigmatic group, the Tarresque Claw might be a union of thieves’ guilds, smugglers, assassins, and pirates, or simply a single large rogue’s guild, no one is certain. Some rumors suggest the Black Arrow Assassin works for the Claw. They even seem to have some kind of relationship with the Shard miners that is working out well for both parties. A number of the underworld groups have taken a hit on profits due to the actions of this group. The Claw was also involved in the investigation of Patrician Hyde Xerxes’ assassination. They helped to prove that the Ocour were behind the attack. Though the Xerxes seem to have some knowledge of the Claw, they are tight lipped about the group. No captured member has ever been questioned as they all commit suicide before they can be.
Many people believe the Claw is based on the Tarresque’s fragment due to the name, and to the rumors that the Tarresque is dead, but no one has been brave enough to investigate and see. Perhaps most worrisome about the Claw is that the name Cougarin, the last Banther Emperor’s son’s name, has been connected to the Claw. Most believe it is another tabaxi named Cougarin. Derrek Marlong, a folk hero among the Remnants, has also been connected to the Claw, though in what capacity no one knows.

Tarresque Claw

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