Class: WarlockTHaumatists.jpg

Architypes: All save The Undying Architype

Races: All

Location: The Badlands

Allies: Crimson Magi

Enemies: The Whitecloaks, The Cabal, The Cult of Life

The Thaumatists are an exclusive guild of warlocks. They believe that through their pacts they tap into a pure form of magic that other arcane magic users simply mimic. The other mage guilds are not keen on this idea, nor are they overly fond of the Thamatists as they tend to be arrogant. Though they deny it, a number of the Thaumatists have forged a pact with a friend, some even with Gorboko himself.
The Thaumatists were part of the Arcane Wars, and worked against the Cult of life both in the Wars, and later. Due to this, despite their dislike, the Crimson Magi count the Thaumatists as allies. The Cabal, on the other hand, sees them as elitist power hungry fear mongers and choses to ignore them. The Whitecloaks, aware that some of the warlocks forge bonds with fiends, sees them as dangerous and a potential ally to the Cult of Gorboko.
The temple of the Thaumatists exists on a small fragment that drifts in the Badlands, a section of many small fragments that drift and spin making navigation hard.

Magus Itzal

Itzal is a half-tabaxi who forged a pact with a Great Old One for magical power. He uses his power to keep check on the Thaumatists. Though he is indifferent to the fiend pacts that some of his fellow Thaumatists have forged, he keeps an eye on them, hoping he will not have to put them down should they begin to consider summoning fiends back to the Remnants.


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