The Gods


Two major religions exist on the Remnants, the Old Gods and the Wyrm Gods. The Old Gods are the ones responsible for creating the world. Due to the information lost during the Shattering, the story of Kaltain’s creation, and the relationships of the gods is lost. Many know bits and pieces, depending on which god they follow. The Wyrm Gods came to the aid of Kaltain after the shattering through the actions of the Wyrm Lords. Only the Wyrm Lords know where these gods were before they came to protect the Remnants.

Worship of the Old Gods is rare, but has over the millennia increased as people rediscover stories and ideas about them. Most worship the Wyrm Gods as the saviors of the Remnants. Both groups hope that their gods may in fact have a way to make Kaltain whole again.
There are a few other gods that some worship on the Remnants. These are often tied to a specific race, and are in general demons. The worship of demons is forbidden, but these races do anyhow.
The Old Gods



The goddess of love is believed to protect lovers and bring a bountiful harvest. She may be married to Jarvis. Even those that do not follow her tend to call new love “Amira’s blessing.”



The Dark Goddess represents the shadows of darkness. A number of her worshipers are evil, but some see her as the cool dark companion of Renim and not evil.



The Mountain Lord is said to be a surly and unmoving deity. As a god of stone and earth he is sometimes worshiped by the dwarves.



One of the few evil Old Gods, Caniuss is the god of disease and famine. He is often called the Rat God. He has a few worshipers in some of the savage races.



The goddess of fire is known to be flighty and changeable. Even those that do not worship her will sometimes invoke her as they try and light a fire. It is customary to say “Embyr heed me” when a fire is not wanting to light.

The Forge Master


Said to be the creator of the dwarves, the nameless Forge Master is worshiped as a god of crafting. Many dwarves still follow the Forge Master.



The Master of the Hunt is also a friend too many animals is the forest. He is said to teach the balance of the hunt, that it is an act of survival and hunters should not take needlessly. He is married to Mirrel.



Stressing the need for discipline and skill in war, Jarvis represents an outlook at battle that is not just senseless brutality. He is thought to be wed to Amira.



Of all the Old Gods Leariss has the most worshipers as she is the goddess of cats. Many tabaxi still follow her despite her fickle nature. She is wife to none, but has had a number of the gods as lovers.



Said to be the spirit of Kaltain, the mother of the earth still has worshipers. She is universally seen as the giver of life, even by those that worship the Wyrm Gods.



A favored companion of Leariss, Porave is the god of mischief. He enjoys a joke and sees humor as a method for teaching. A number of bards still follow Porave’s teachings.



Chief among the Old Gods, Renim is the god of light and justice. His companion is Amunett. Some paladins choose to follow Renim over Bahamut.



Perhaps the most distant of the Old Gods, Sabreen is the goddess of the moon. Though the moon still orbits around the Remnants, the power of this goddess is diminished due to the barrier that keeps the maelstrom and fragments in and the Black out.



A sister, and rival, to Embyr, the goddess of the sea has also been diminished due to the Shattering. Still she is seen as a patron to sailors who still plight the few large bodies of water that remain.



The daughter of Amunett, Shoerelle is the goddess of shadows. Like her mother she is often worshiped by evil people, but does not represent evil. She is also a favorite of the Memnocha.



The death god is seen as both evil and just as death must come to all. Strangely enough he is most often the companion of Mirrel.



The goddess of magic has seen a recent uptake in worshipers. The Shard gnomes call her the Crystal lady and believe she is the one that protects them from the power of the shards.



The original evil deity, Vuzon has lost most of his followers to other, newer, faiths most notably the Cult of Gorboko. Those that follow Vuzon hint down the followers of Gorboko, which puts them in a strange relationship with the paladin orders.

The Wyrm Gods

The story of the birth of the Wyrm Gods is an unknown story on the Remnants. What people know is that the Wyrm Gods were summoned to the Remnants by the Wyrm Lords, the 25 immortal leaders of the dragon race on the Remnants. These gods worked with the Wyrm Lords to banish the fiends and seal the Remnants from the outer planes. They have remained to protect the Remnants. Many worshipers pray the Wyrm Gods can find a way to make the land whole again.

Abzu the Purple Dragon


A child of Tiamat, the Purple dragon is a devious and unpredictable god. He has a special hatred for his cousin Kulshedra and a strange connection to the Primal Dragon.
Though his body is purple, Abzu has two heads, one of a red dragon and the other of a blue dragon. Each head can produce a breath weapon, fire with the red and lightning with the blue.
He is worshiped as a force of corruption and entropy. Most of his followers have a dismal outlook on the multiverse.

Amaris the Loadstone Dragon


The queen of the Ferrous dragons, Amaris is a force of order and structure. She is believed to be a child of Io himself, making her a sister to Tiamat and Bahamut.
Amaris has a large rough scaled body that seems to be almost a metallic flat gray with some kinds of blue. She has a range of small horns pointing back from her head. Her breath weapon is a powerful magnetic force that can literally rip metal apart.
Her worshipers see her as a force of order and justice. She also represents the ordered idea of machinery.

Arairu the Maelstrom Dragon


Originally called the Tempest dragon, with the birth of the Maelstrom Arairu now is seen as the god of the chaotic storm that surrounds the Remnants.
Arairu’s scales vary in color from gray to blue to purple. Her large wings seem to produce cloud drifts as she flies. Her breath weapons are a potent wind that can create tornados, a powerful bolt of lightning, and a peal of ear splitting thunder.
Her followers see her as the goddess of pure chaos, neither good nor evil, simply randomness.

Bahamut the Platinum Dragon


The Father of all metallic dragons, Bahamut was one of the first born of Io, along with his twin sister Tiamat. Though he is a force of good and order, his main objective is to oppose all of his sister’s plans move for move.
The Platinum dragon is a long sinuous dragon with silver-white scales and blue cat-like eyes. The exact color of his eyes seems to change with his mood from a sky blue to a deep cobalt. He has three breath weapons. His ice breath is the most clear-cut of his breath attacks; it is simply a fierce blast of incredibly cold air. His “gaseous form” breath is a swirling mist that stuns and turns anything (or anyone) it hits into a gaseous figure. The effect eventually wears off and objects return to their original solidity. Bahamut’s most devastating attack is his disintegration breath, where a beam of blue light issues from his mouth and destroys everything in its path.
Bahamut has many followers all over the Remnants. His most devout are the Platinum Knights and those who support their efforts in the Remnants. Bahamut visits the world often, usually in the guise of an old, old man or a callow youth. Bahamut keeps a wary eye out for the machinations of Tiamat, taking whatever actions he deems necessary to check the spread of her influence and to undo whatever damage she has done. Bahamut never turns his back on a lawful good creature in peril, but seldom intervenes directly if Tiamat is not involved. Instead, he offers healing, advice, or information. Bahamut is the old hermit whose subtle prophecy unlocks a great mystery, or the kind stranger who offers a safe refuge or that badly needed spell

Euren the Primal Dragon


The Regent of the Primal dragons is brother to Sardior and sister to Amaris. As a representation of the raw elemental forces Euren is both genders and no gender. Those few people in the Remnants who feel they follow a different gender path tend to follow Euren despite their chaotic nature.
Euren is a long snake like dragon with massive wings. Their wings seem to be aflame, or pillows of air. Their head is wet with water, and dry in the breeze. Their body is green with moss and shimmering with dew. The Primal Dragon has four breath weapons, a jet of flame, a freezing blast of water, a forceful puff of air and a searing jet of sand and gravel.
Though the Primal Dragon is an expression of the chaos of the elements, they represent the unity of the four elements together leading a number of druids to favor Euren.

Gyo the Earth Dragon


Solid and steady as a rock, Gyro is the epitome of earth and stone. He works well with his sister Imoogi, but despises his other sister Yong for her ever changing ways.
The Earth Dragon has no wings with which to fly, and is never seen in the air. He is large and powerfully built, and looks to be covered in stone scales. He has two breath weapons, a searing blast of gravel and sand, and a stream of caustic acid.
The Earth Dragon is second only to the Master Forger in dwarvish worshipers, he also has a number of druids and rangers who follow his teachings.

Imoogi the Sea Dragon


Sister to Gyo, Imoogi is the expression of water, fluid and dynamic yet unrelenting and powerful. She does work well with her brother Gyo, but has a long standing animosity with her brother Orochi.
The Sea dragon looks more like a snake than a dragon as she has no legs nor wings. Her scales are a myriad of blue and green shades. She looks wet no matter what element she is in, though few have seen her outside of water. She has two breath weapons, a blast of freezing water and a cloud of choking mist.
Her followers are few, as there are few large bodies of water, but she does have followers among the small number of sailors that remain, and in those towns that border lakes and seas.



As the father of all dragons, Io represents the essence of dragons. He is a favorite for those who simply want to worship the Wyrm Gods as a whole instead of a specific one.
No one, save perhaps his children, has seen Io. He cannot be described, nor does anyone know his breath weapons. As the father of all dragons most believe he has all the breath weapons of his children.

Kulshedra the Electrum Dragon


Though a good aligned goddess, Kulshedra cares little for law and justice. She tends to favor vengeance, which does conflict some with her father Bahamut.
The Electrum dragon is a large and powerful dragon with silver and gold scales giving her a light gold sheen. She has large ridges along her back and powerful wings. Kulshedra has two potent breath weapons, a burst of flame and a blast of ice.
Her focus on vengeance means she has a number of ranger followers all over the remnants.

The Night Dragon


This unnamed god remains somewhat of a mystery. No one is sure what gender the Night Dragon is, or where exactly it fits into the scheme of dragons. Most assume it is one of the elemental dragons representing the essence of darkness.
The Night Dragon is a massive dragon so dark that all light is absorbed. The Night Dragon always looks like a silhouette. The Night Dragon has one known breath weapon, a blast of darkness that does necrotic damage.
The Night dragon’s followers tend to be evil. It has a number of followers in house Ocour and Vendel.

Orochi the Flame Dragon


The essence of the element of Fire, Orochi is a fickle and always changing god. He is close to his sister Yong, but has a deep hatred for his sister Imoogi.
The Flame dragon looks like a great red dragon, save he seems to be made of fire. His wings look like smoke. He has one two breath weapons, a powerful jet of flame, and a searing cloud of choking smoke.
Those that worship Orochi try to stay flexible and changeable either moving around obstacles or burning them.

Ryu the Mithril Dragon


The Mithril dragon is the must pure essence of goodness and life. He is brother to Kulshedra and son to Bahamut. His focus on life and all its wonders means he has little time for vengeance or justice.
The Mithril Dragon is a resplendent silver color with glittering yellow eyes and large majestic wings. He has three breath weapons, a bolt of lightning, a sleeping gas, and a jet of searing sparks.
Many worship Ryu as he represents the essence of life and light. He is most opposed by those who follow the Night Dragon.

Sardior the Ruby Dragon


The Master of the Gem Dragons, Sardior is a child of Io. Sardior just wants to learn more. The more you know, the better off you will be, but just learning for learning’s sake is not what Sardior stresses. No, gaining knowledge should not just be reading from books.
In his natural form, Sardior is a long sinewy dragon covered with deep ruby red scales. At a distance, he might be mistaken for an ancient red wyrm, but the playful expression seen in his eyes makes him very much unlike the reds. He is also known to be a great conversationalist, and the unguarded had best be prepared for his sharp wit. He has three breath weapons, a line of concussive force that can blast an enemy off its feet, a cone of brilliant light that blinds all around as well as causes them damage, and a blast of fire.
As Sardior is a neutral god he has few true devoted followers, save for a number of druids who seek knowledge of the Remnants in order to save the land.

Scultone the Steel Dragon


Son to Amaris, Scultone thrills at the clash of power in battle. He sees conflict as a path toward order. He often wars against followers of the Purple Dragon, and sometimes followers of the Primal Dragon.
The Steel dragon is a large and strong dragon with dull steel colored scales and a pair of large imposing horns. The steel dragon has two breath weapons, a blast of metal bits that act like freshets tearing apart flesh, and a corroding blast of rust and gas that can corrode metal in moments.
Many warriors follow Scultone, and he is the patron of the Destraza and the Scarred.

Sirrush the Jade Dragon


The Jade Dragon is often seen as a bridge between the gem dragons and the primal dragons as she represents the natural world of plants and animals, yet she is neutral.
She is a small dragon, for a god, covered in small jade scales with a central stone between her eyes. She has wings, but prefers to walk. She has a single breath weapon, a wave of growth that causes plants to wrap around her victims and choke them.
Sirrush is a favorite of druids and rangers who share her love of nature. She is the patron goddess of the Wyld Guardians.

Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon


The mother of all evil dragons, Tiamat is the twin sister of Bahamut, as well as his chief rival. Oddly enough she fiercely opposed Gorboko during his time on Kaltain and was constantly directing her followers against him and his machinations.
Tiamat is the five-headed queen of the evil chromatic dragons. She has one head for each customary color of chromatic dragon (black, blue, green, red, white), and each head has the powers of a member of the respective race of dragonkind. Her body is a blending of various chromatic dragon forms with an appropriately multicolored hide. Her body also has traits in common with a wyvern, including a long tail tipped with a poisonous stinger. She has five breath weapons, corresponding to each of her heads.
Tiamat is a greedy, vain, and arrogant goddess who embodies all the strengths of evil dragonkind, and few of their weaknesses. Tiamat is most concerned with spreading evil, defeating good, and propagating chromatic dragons. She never forgives a slight. Although she is not averse to razing the occasional village, her true schemes are subtle and hard to detect. She has been compared to a puppeteer manipulating her creations from within shadows. The Queen of Evil Dragons demands reverence, homage, supplication, and tribute from her subjects. She is sometimes called “Her Dark Majesty” or simply “Dark Queen”.

Vere Celon the Opal Dragon


The Opal Dragon is the manifestation of magic in the Remnants. She embodies the strange and often wild nature of the arcane.
Thin and lanky, the Opal dragon is small for a dragon deity. She is covered in opalescent scales that shimmer in a rainbow of colors. Her only breath weapon is a blast of raw magical energy that she can manipulate to create any spell known, and many unknown.
She is the patron goddess of the Fangs of Vere Celon and has many worshipers among their Eldritch Knights. Members of the Thaumatists, Cabal, Crimson Magi, and Whitecloaks also follow her.

Yong the Wind Dragon


The Wind Dragon represents the idea of air, fluid and changeable, able to move out of the way of obstacles. She is friendly with her brother Orochi, but dislikes her brother Gyo for his ridged unwaveringness.
Yong has no legs, but does have large powerful wings. She always flies along in the air, or hovers above the ground never touching it. She has two breath weapons, a powerful blast of concussive air and a bolt of lightning.
She is worshiped by a number of flyers who see her as a good force representing good currents in the Maelstrom.

Zmie the Gray Dragon


Brother to Abzu and child of Tiamat, Zmie is a terrible force of evil and death. He is known to have a special animosity towards Ryu as the expression of life.
The Gray dragon looks like an emaciated dragon with bones showing under gray scaled skin. Though he looks a bit like a dracolich, Zmie is very much alive, though he is the patron of dracoliches. He has one breath weapon, a cone of necrotic energy.
Zmie is not a favored god for most in the Remnants due to his association with death. Some who follow him do end up members of the Cult of Life, which does not make Zmie happy as the Cult worship Lord Vezucax as a god of death.

The Others



The demon god of pain is perhaps the most reviled creature on the Remnants. He is responsible for breaking open the portals to allow the Blood War to spill out onto Kaltain. He is also responsible for the Shattering, as he was after the World Stone a source of potent magic. The Wyrm Gods expelled him and sealed the Remnants from the outer planes.
According to the Wyrm lords shortly after Gorboko returned to the Abyss a number of demon lords banded together and trapped him in a small iron box ridding the multiverse of this power. The box has been lost over time. One rumor suggests the box has been opened and Gorboko is free once more.
Only members of the Cult of Gorboko worship the demon lord of pain. Those that do so openly are soon executed due to laws against the worship of Gorboko, or any demon lord.



Gruumsh was the unblinking god of destruction who unleashed the savage multitudes against outposts of civilization. He was worshiped by orcs and half-orcs and came to dominate some of the other savage humanoids as well. Gruumsh was a god of conquest, driving his savage multitudes to expand their power by whatever brutal means they wished. His shamans advised chiefs and warmongers to raid, kill, and conquer.
He is only now worshiped by the small population of Orcs on Orcholm. As he is not a demon, there is no law against his worship, but many find the orc’s choice of deity suspect.



Little is known about the Illithid god. The mind flayers keep their secrets, and Ilsensine is one of them. Some suspect he is a god of conquest and domination.



The Demon Queen of Spiders is the patron goddess of the drow. Due to the drow’s secretive nature only a little is known about this goddess. She once was a proud member of an elven pantheon until something happened that caused her to fall. She found a way to regain godhood through the drow’s worship. The drow take a great risk openly worshiping Lolth as she is a demon.

Lord Vezucax


No one is quite sure if lord Vezucax is a god or not. He is the lich founder of the Cult of Light and has had many worshipers and followers over the millennia. He has been destroyed twice, but as yet his phylactery has not been located, if he in fact has one any more.



The patron god of goblins, Maglubiyet finds worshipers in all the goblinoid races. The High Chieftain is a god dedicated to battle and combat. He drives his followers to test themselves in battle, honing their skills. He is not a demon, thereby the goblinoids are not breaking any laws by worshiping him.



The god or goddess of the lizardfolk, Semuanya is most interested in life and survival. She is called the Breeder by some folk, and he is called the Watcher of the Seeker by others. Semianya is said to be an aspect of the “World Serpent” and as such may in fact be as aspect of Sirrush.



The Demon Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu is the prince of savagery. He drives gnolls and flinds to acts of savage butchery and bloodshed. Of all the demon lords that are worshiped, Yeenoghu is the most feared, aside from Gorboko. The Dragon Emperor and the Parliament of Blades have discussed how to deal with the worship of such a vile god. Unfortunately the Gnolls of house Urau’auk point out that if the Imperium moves against the worship of Yeenoghu they would also have to move against the worship of Lolth.

The Gods

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