The World Stone

The largest remaining fragment, the World Stone was originally the core of the planet Kaltain. It was this massive magic battery that drew Gorboko from the Abyss to Kaltain, bringing the Blood War with him. As his demons fought the devils on the surface, Gorboko worked to dig down to the heart of Kaltain. Upon reaching his destination he worked potent magic to break up the planet, thereby freeing the World Stone. Fortunately he could not move the stone from the Kaltain crystal sphere, so tried to find a way to exploit its potential against the devils there. This allowed the Coalition to form and eventually rid the Remnants of Gorboko.

The Stone is made up of a crystal that acts as a kind of magic battery, draining it from all sources of magic, winch include life. On the surface of the stone crystals grow as they absorb magic. As they get bigger their growth slows, though their absorption does not. There is an optimal balance of growth and magic where the crustal can be cut from the World Stone and then acts as a magic storage device. If the crystal is left to long it can overload and explode releasing its magic all at once. Shard storms happen when a crystal explodes around similarly full crystals. This causes chain reaction of exploding crystals that can sweep across the surface of the stone at 50 miles per hour.

Only the Shard Gnomes, descendants of the Deep Gnomes that Gorboko enslaved to dig to the World Stone, can survive for long periods of time on the world stone, well them and the shard beasts that also evolved there. They have several cities carved into the crystals just under the surface. There they are protected from shard storms, and the high winds of the Maelstrom as the World Stone has no atmosphere shell like the other fragments.

Though it is nearly unlivable to any but the Shard Gnomes, the value of the crystals is such that many outsiders flock to the Stone every year to try their luck at mining.


The World Stone

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