House Tomar

Primary Race: LizardfolkTomar.jpg

Sword: NA

Location: Greenfrost

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Great Egg

Allies: Hokobyan

Enemies: Jadod

The Tomar are a newly formed house of lizard folk from the recently discovered fragment of Greenfrost. These lizardfolk, who call themselves the Shazak, are related to the normal lizard folk that inhabit the jungles of many fragments, save that during the Shattering their fragment shifted in such a way that the climate changed to a temperate forest with snow capped mountains. Being the only humanoid race on the fragment and having to adapt to a colder climate meant that these lizardfolk’s culture adapted. They learned to work together, and now are less prone to violence, though it is still a part of their makeup.
The Tomar want to join the other civilized races of the Remnants, and the Hokobyan have taken an interest since the Tomar’s story parallels theirs to a degree. The shazak worship Semuanya, said to be a lizardfolk specific deity, though many believe that Semuanya is an aspect of Sirrush.

Leader Ulrich

Ulrich is a large lizardfolk with a mean right hook. He is also shown himself to be a wise and intelligent man. The lizardfolk of Greenfrost still have violent and evil tendencies, but Ulrich is the kind of leader that could bring them all the way out of their savage beginnings.


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