Class: Rogue

Archetypes: Facedancer onlyTorr.bmp

Races: All

Location: Tlaberax

Allies: Red Shadow (rumored)

Enemies: Memnocha

The Torr are the second assassins’ academy on the Remnants. Where the Memnocha emphasize the use of shadows and stealth, the Torr focus on disguise and guile. Over time Torr assassins learn to manipulate their appearance. Masters can change the very shape of their bodies to appear as anyone. No Torr shows her true face to a client, or a target. The Torr also do not have a code of honor they follow. They are assassins plain and simple.
The Torr is based on Tlaberax, a desolate fragment with a small settlement of goblinoids on the far side. The Torr relies on shipments of food and water to survive, mostly from clients. The Goblinoids resort to cannibalism if they can find nothing else.

The Faceless Master

As Torr never give names and never show their face, no one knows much about the Faceless Master, head of the Torr. His build suggests human or half-elf. He may be new, he may have ruled the Torr for decades, there simple is no way to know, and no Torr member is saying.


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