House Turok

Primary Race: Minotaur Turok.png

Sword: Nickel

Location: Korski

Chivalric Order: Order of the Bull

Allies: Oncilla, Quade, Jadod

Enemies: Sindri, Kashan, Xerxes

Another younger house, dating back to around 4834 PC, the Turok comprise the minotaur and yikara of the Remnants. They are one of the Savage Houses and for generations have acted as such, only interested in power and wealth at the expense of others. In the last few decades the house has taken a different turn, becoming more involved in the politics of the Remnants and forging alliances with non-savage houses.
They recently have forged an alliance with the Oncilla to help protect the house should the Taguan attack. A few believe this change is a ploy to gain support to move to the Estate of Swords the next time there is an opening.

Elder Brock III

Brock’s grandfather, Brock I, changed the nature of the house when he came to power. Before Brock I, the rule of the house was based on who could kill all his rivals. They were called the king. Seeing this as an issue, Brock I implemented a shift in the house, and the culture of the minotaur. He established the idea that age and experience were as valuable as strength and battle prowess. Brock I ruled longer than any minotaur due to his changes. His son and now grandson have carried on the legacy.
This is not to say that Brock III is not a potent warrior, he in fights in the gladiator rings on Korski, and on the Imperial City where he has only been wounded three times. His physical strength is matched by his political ability.


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