House Urau’auk

Primary Race: Gnolls Urauauk.png

Sword: Shadow

Location: Ulen

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Flail

Allies: Jadod, Turok, Urghash

Enemies: Huum, Hokobyan, Wexin

The gnoll house of Urau’auk barely constitutes a house. The constant infighting over power in the house makes them a laughable political force. Still, they retain just enough power to remain on the council. They often follow the lead of the stronger Savage houses, though for some reason they have a deep hatred of the illithid of Huum.
The Urau’auk walk a dangerous line as they worship Yeenoghu, a demon lord of significant power. Demon worshiping is a crime punishable by death. That the Urau’auk have escaped this is a testament to their martial ability.
Their one export is a melon that only grows on Ulen. Many nobles consider it a delicacy.

Aspet Ghrig’fel

Ghrig’fel has been in power for a long time. He is scarred and maimed for all the attempts to kill him by subordinates. Ghrig’fel seems like all the others of his race, ignorant, brutish, and selfish. Yet from time to time Ghrig’fel displays a canny ability to handle politics. Some believe that the house may fall into chaos after his death.


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