House Wexin Wexin.png

Primary Race: Half-elves and Half-orcs

Sword: Cloud

Location: Jimakandi

Chivalric Order: The Violet Order

Allies: Quade, Turok, Oncilla

Enemies: Perelle, Jadod, Shamzadan

The Wexin (the “x” is pronounced like “sh”) are a house of half-breeds, mostly half-elves and half-orcs. The house was not always so. In 2876 the Ban of Wexin, a human named Vern exiled his bastard half-elf son. This angred Illia who spend a considerable time wandering the Remnants. As he wondered he began gathering support from other bastard half-breeds who were unwelcome in their houses, be then human, elf, of even orc. As Illia was Vern’s only child he was the next in line, but his banishment meant that Vern’s nephew, Earl was to rule. On the day of Earl’s coronation Illia and his army of half-breeds stormed the palace on Jimakandi killing Earl and many other royal family members. They established Illia as ban and opened the house up as a refuge for all races, especially half-breeds.
Though some half-breeds opt to join house Quade, the Wexin and Quade had long been allies. They both support thouse Turok and its new way of approaching the council.

Ban Arogar

Arogar is the first half-orc to rule house Wexin. The previous ban, Ferin, named Arogar heir after his own son died. Arogar is a graduate of the Wyrmblade school and as such is a master swordsman. His abilities have caught the eye of Giles Kreon and the pair have spared a few times, out of the dueling ring.
Arogar is a temperate a mild half-orc, but also a powerful speaker when it comes to his house and their needs.


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