Considered the only truly neutral fragment, Xelona is home to the rogues’ gallery of the Remnants. The fragment holds only a single city with multiple harbors. In the city one can find all manor of vices present. Most slavers come through Xelona, as do smugglers and thieves. A party wishing to hire a thief or assassin only has to walk down Thieves’ Row to pick a guild with which to work. One can also hire mercenary bands or even smugglers on Xelona.

Most adventurers eventually find their way to Xelona to look for work. The traffic of adventurers is great enough to have created a new business, that of a neutral agent who hires adventuring parties for clients. The agents are paid by the clients to find the best, though some adventuring parties will pay an agent to find the lucrative jobs as well.

Xelona is also famous for its own city Thieves’ Guild which regulates all theft in the city. Theft, in Xelona, is legal, as long as it is by a licensed guild thief. There are in fact a number of laws that limit how often one can be robbed by a guild thief, which leads them to police the city or unlicensed thieves. The guild also offers a protection service with rates for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This service protects a citizen from theft, as long as they are paying their dues.

Over the millennia almost every faction has attempted, or claimed, to take over Xelona. The rogues of the fragment band together every time and drive back the offending faction reasserting their neutrality. Many adventurers travel to Xelona to find work as there are almost as many honest opportunities as there are dishonest

The crest of Xelona shows two Amethyst dragons holding a shield. On the shield is the skull and bones of the pirate bands that first founded the city, a hand flipping a coin indicating the wealth the city can offer and a field of ermine representing the nobility of the city. A sword bisects the shield a reminder that arms are always an option. Above is a broken crown which echoes the city’s motto “Non Regis Nos” “No one rules us.”


The city itself is divided into nine districts, each with its own distinct atmosphere and businesses.

Nob Island

This is the political district where the nobles and the ambassadors from the other factions make their home. Visitors are encouraged to visit Hyde park and to see the Palace.

The Flower Garden

This district houses the Court of Night Blooming Flowers as well as Verlon Park. The Isle of Flowers is a favorite location for lonely travelers.

The Bricks

Dominated by the arena, the Bricks district houses the gambling and entertainment houses in Xelona. Visitors can find a number of venues for blood sports and drama.

The Shades

Considered by many the slums of Xelona, the Shades house the stockyards, slaughterhouses, and auction houses for the city, as well as the town’s main grocers. It should be noted that the thieves’ guild cannot guarantee the capture of an unlicensed thief in the Shades.

Rogues’ Court

Known for housing the representatives from all the major thieves’ and assassins’ guilds, as well as mercenary and pirate bands, the Rogues’ Court offers agents for anyone looking to hire a shady character. Visitors can enjoy Hogshead park.


This small district houses the fishermen who work the Maligree reservoir. The Soerditch fish market is a must for anyone looking for quality seafood.

Maligree Ward

Perhaps the most favored district of visitors, the Maligree Ward houses Xelona’s brewers and distillers. Many who wish to test their mettle come to try the Drunkard’s Walk, an epic pub crawl that goes down Dunkard’s Way, a winding street filled with taverns, taprooms, and stillhouses.

Marylebone District

Famous for its smithies, nearly all the crafts are represented in this district. Visiters enjoy the walk along Bend street as the boars pass along the Rythe river.

The Isle of Wyrms

Home to temples to the Wyrm Gods, some of the Old Gods, and the city courts, visitors come to the Isle to view the magnificent architecture of Xelona’s own Leonard of Cordin.


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