House Xerxes

Primary Race: Humans Xerxes.png

Sword: Topaz

Location: Ulen

Chivalric Order: Order of the Wolf

Allies: Kreon, Kadmos, Zukta

Enemies: Ocour, Vendel, Huum

The Xerxes are one of the original houses. They have ruled as the Imperial house many times, and rarely been a minor house. They only lost their major house status due to attacks in the Second Feline War. The house was on its way to recovery until Patrician Hyde Xerxes was assassinated by a killer hired by the Ocour.
This assassin tried to frame the Black Arrow Assassin for the crime, but tripped up by using the wrong kind of fletching on the arrow that killed Hyde. Though the Tarresque Claw were somehow involved in discovering Hyde’s killer, no one in house Xerxes has explained how, nor are they likely to. House Ocour, in the War of Assassins, captured a house steward and tortured him trying to reveal the Tarresque Claw’s involvement, but in the end the steward committed suicide before he would talk.
Xerxes has been winning the War of Assassins of late. The Ocour are somewhat stumped as the Xerxes seem stronger than they anticipated. Some believe the Tarresque Claw is still involved with the house.

Patrician Jasem

A dark and brooding man, Jasem is not as well liked in the Parliament as much as his father was. He does have the loyalty of his people for his handling of the assassination and the war. Jasem was close to his father, and his death hit the young noble hard. He has recently been seen with a tabaxi puma woman. She seems to be acting as a kind of bodyguard or advisor. Rumors abound about this identity of this woman, but Jasem has been silent when questioned.


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