The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #6

A letter

Dear █████████
My apologies for not writing sooner. The events with the Oncilla, as you know, have taken a great deal of our time. I am sure you are quite anxious for an update. Our ward is now under the protection of the new team we have assembled. I trust these five individuals as they have yet to fail. You know about the successful trip into the City of the Orphiem and they did bring the one journal we are after. You also know they took the job from the Orbiculum to track down the half-orc named Trudy and their progress up until they landed on Quenya. I will do my best to recount what happened after that until they arrived back on Xelona.

They discovered it was a day journey to the temple that Trudy was headed to. I do not have all the details, but they did run into some trouble there, some meddlesome pixies and I believe trolls. Unfortunately they were late and Trudy had left see visit her brother on Bagrash, Seedo to be exact. All of the group, save the dwarf, ended up in a bar where they were attempting to gain information. In this process both the lizardfolk and the tiefling had shots of orc-draught and were incapacitated. About this time the half-elf slipped up and revealed to the half-orcs in the bar she was a Crystalborn. With the recent 50,000 ₴ bounty for a live Crystalborn, the patrons thought they might capitalize on this opportunity. Thankfully the hodekin we had sent to keep an eye out had made it to the bar in time to intervene.

With the help of the hodekin the group was able to learn, from Trudy’s brother I believe, that she was heading trait for Morelia on Serin where, as you know, Trudy was to meet up with our Bojan contact. Trudy had enough information to know that she was being hunted, so when the group arrived in Morelia and inquired about Trudy the Bojan guards escorted them all in to meet directly with the Marquise d’ Bojan. There, after she was certain our group was not in fact interested in killing or arresting Trudy, she allowed them to talk with Trudy. There they learned about Jedidiah’s indiscretions and his possible connection to the Red Shadow. The Marquise showed them the letter that you now have in your possession. The team took the incriminating evidence against Jedidiah and turned it over to the Dragon Knights, who have arrested Jedidiah and begun the process of auditing his accounts.

Partially due to their success, and partially due to the fact they are relevantly unknown I asked Trin to use them to protect our ward while she is in Xelona. My contacts right now tell me that the group has picked up the ward. They split up, one group using magic to make the hodekin look like the ward. My contacts believe this group headed to a house in the Flower Garden. The other two have the ward and returned with her to the headquarters of the People’s Guild. That is the last piece of information I have on them. I know there are several units of Bloodhorns out looking for her. At least one has a bloodhound. One of my contacts also believes that Akinon may have hired a Facedancer to find her. We do not yet know. That would, of course, facilitate a change in tactics. The queen is here, and she will move to intercede should we need her. I hope to have more information soon.
Bishop, Xelona



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