The Shattered Lands

Adventure Log #7

Dear ██████████

As requested I am writing to fill you in on the events surrounding the reinstatement of Sovereign Aurata of the Oncilla, and the Xelona group. You remember that as of my last post Aurata was with the Xelona group at the People’s Guild headquarters. It did not take long for the Bloodhorns to find her, as they had bloodhounds. The Crystalborn was able to secret the ward away while the others dealt with the Bloodhorns. The result was a good deal of destruction and mayham. From what I have been able to piece together the Bloodhorns made two attacks on the People’s Guild. The end result of both attacks, partially due to Prince Zipp’s use of fire magic, was the death of all the Bloodhorns who attacked and the complete distruction of the People’s Guild building.

I understand at some point in that evening, perhaps between attacks, Zaki Elopar of the Taguan contacted Zipp in an attempt to use his position as the heir of house Quade as a bargaining chip to claim Aurata. Zipp did in fact consider a compromise of allowing Aurata a nice quiet life in the Quade court, but Aurata herself refused this offer. Zipp, as we hoped, sided with Aurata against Elopar. It was after this refusal that the second attack on the People’s Guild happened, the one which left the building a blaze.

Thankfully during this conflagration Aurata was with Mystral in another location. By the conflagration Travok and Scinnit had rejoined the group, having trekked through a part of the Xelona catacombs. Once the group met up again they opted for taking Aurata down to an abandoned mausoleum in the catacombs. There they waited for several days. I understand that the lizardfolk spent part of that time training a cavefisher.

The group were forced to move when the facedancer, hired as we now know by Elopar, discovered their hiding place. We sent ███████ to assist with the facedancer, where she discovered that in fact the group had dealt with the threat. She lead them to one of our strongholds where Trin explained that the Banther dreadnaught was not coming. He helped them to find the March Hare at the underdock. We had not expected to introduce the group to this facility quite yet, but there simply was no other option.

The March Hare left as quickly as it could. We began prepping the Draconia as well, though she was in need of supplies and repairs after the █████████ incident. As I understand the events, the March Hare made it to Ilynxal without much issue to find a Taguan baracade. Using a combination of magic and speed the March Hare ran the blockade, nearly crashing into the skydocks. There was some damage to the port side buildings, but nothing too bad.

The group introduced Aurata to Duke Reager. There they recuperated and were rewarded for their service with some special artifacts we asked Reager to supply. Aurata surprised us by asking that the Xelona group assist her in the battle to reclaim her throne. They readily agreed and began planning with Duke Reager. Zipp contacted his mother, the Countess Melisande to formally ask for house Quade’s aid on behalf of house Oncilla. The Countess readily agreed and sent the 7th Quade fleet with a contingent of Quade marines on board to assist Aurata. Along with the Banther fleet and troops the group was large enough to effectively deal with Akiton and his supporters.

The tactics the group used were surprisingly effective. Zipp landed his marines to the West of the city, leading them through the swamps to the West gate. There he had his fleet target the castle to distract Akiton’s troops and then made his way into the town. There they linked up with some of the Knights of the Fang who were still loyal and then stormed the castle. The Xelona group were most effective in this battle. They acted as the vanguard of the force, pushing through a number of positions until they made it to the castle.

It was in the castle that the distinguished themselves the most. There they discovered Akiton’s demonic allies were waiting. Though the battles were difficult they somehow managed to come through each time, including the final battle with Akiton. Their battle prowess saved many lives by stopping the bulk of the demons before the regular troops could find them. Indeed, the worst casualties were against a small demonic force that the Xelona group missed as they sought Akiton.

After the dust settled Akiton was dead, his few loyal followers imprison, and the Xelona group knighted and named Heroes of the Fragment. They have the eternal good will of the Oncilla and Soverign Aurata. She has also begun to ally her house more closely with House Quade, as well as Banther and Bojan. Her freidship with two rogue houses will not endear her to the Emperor, but the story of the young girl finding allies in the unlikely of places and defeating a demon worshiper has already become a popular topic for balladeers even on the Imperial City.

At this point Trin and I decided that it was time to enlighten the Xelona group (they really do need to come up with a name) as to the nature of our enterprise. The Draconia was repaired, so we accompanied Havlock to retrieve our new heroes. There we explained the nature of the Tarresque Claw, as much as we were able, and the foe which we oppose. Aestus was the only one of the group to have serious reservations about our order. I expect he has heard one too many of those rumors the balladeers like to spread. Still, he has opted to remain with the group and let the Claw’s actions sway him. As I write this we have just left the Xelona group at Braggart Hall, their new base of operations in Xelona. Presently we have no operations for them, so they are spending the time setting up the Hall and dealing with personal issues.

Though we were forced to rely on this group faster than we anticipated, I believe they will be a potent addition to our organization. They have proved resourceful, and willing to take the actions needed to get the job done, and done right. They have shown that the laws of the land are not as important as the well being of the people. In the end, only time can tell if we made the right decision bringing this group into the fold.

Bishop, Xelona



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