House Þuran

Primary Race: Stone Dwarves thuran.png

Sword: Bronze

Location: Ungor

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Golden Axe

Allies: Brillyn, Crull, Kadmos

Enemies: Perelle, Almaren, Shamzadan

The Þuran are one of two dwarf houses. Like all dwarves the Þuran are renoun for both their metal work and their stone work, but the Þuran are especially good qwith stone, specifically gems. The finest jewelry in the Remnants comes out of the craft halls of Ungor. They also trade a lot in metals and ores with the other houses.
The Þuran in general tend to dislike the elven houses, as well as the goblinoid houses. Though they have never been fond of the bauchan, they respect house Hokobyan for their martial prowess. The house has recently sent out expeditions to find fragments with valuable mining prospects.

Thane Balvar

Like all stone dwarves Balvar is gregarious and boisterous. He is known for his raucous drinking parties. Despite his wild reputation, Balvar is a shrewd politician in the council chambers, verbally sparing with any of the councilers on their level. He and Burgrave Torinn Crull are good friends, and often hunt boar together on The Den.


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