House Almaren

Primary Race: High Elves

Sword: CopperAlmaren.png

Location: Calen

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Silent Wings

Allies: Nevarath, Dunkarra, Taguan

Enemies: ├×uran, Brillyn, Hokobyan

House Almaren is one of the original major houses. They are ruled by a hybrid magistoracy and monarchy, though they have a strong congress as well. The high elves of this house tend to side with the other elven houses, save the Drow, and distain the dwarven houses. The Almaren were involved with the Arcane Wars, but like so much of those wars, little is known about their role.

Presently the house is at odds with house Shamzadan over laws protecting the trade of elvish weapons. The house is known for a number of exports including fine elven wines, refined cloth and furniture, and small trade in elvish made weaponry.

Aran Elion

The young aran of house Almaren seems to be attempting to position himself as the next candidate for emperor should Ecard fail to produce a legitimate heir. Elion has a long hill to climb; most of the rulers find him both aloof and intense. He often shows distain for all the other rulers, even other elves. Most believe this comes from his mastery of magic. Elion seems to think those that cannot use magic are beneath him.
He has a serious dislike for dwarves putting him at odds with both Balvar and Torkwin. He also believes that the bauchan are somehow capable of reverting back to their goblinoids roots. This is unusual in a high elf as they have been staunch supporters of the bauchan race.


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