House Crull

Primary Race: DragonbornCrull.png

Sword: Gold

Location: The Den

Chivalric Order: Order of the Blade

Allies: Kreon, Hokobyan, Xerxes, Þuran

Enemies: Shamzadan, Huum, Jadod

The first Imperial house, the Crull are dominated by Dragonborn. They have, in the past, slipped to minor house status, but were able to recover and rejoin the Estate of Swords. The house is ruled by a monarchy, but with a council of elders to guide the monarch. The Crull tend to go side with house Kreon on political matters and against house Vendel. They often block laws proposed by the Savage Houses as well.
Presently they are investigating rumors of the Tarresque Claw, specifically the persistent rumor that Lynxis III’s son, Cougarin, and thereby the rightful Emperor, is in control of the Tarresque Claw. The Crull have long been allies of the Banther, and offered shelter too many Tabaxi Puma after house Banther disappeared.
Aside from a sizable amount of shares in Orbuculum, the Crull produce silver jewelry as The Den has a number of large silver mines.

H1. Burgrave Torinn X
Torrin is a bronze dragonborn who is known as a potent cleric of the Wyrm Gods, most specifically Bahamut. Though his zealous attitude toward the gods can be off putting, he is an honorable man and well respected for his honestly. He is close with the Thane of house Þuran, but does not share the dwarf’s love of drink.
Torrin specifically despises both the drow of house Shamzadan and the illithid of house Huum. He tolerates both the golinoids of house Jadod and the gnolls of house Urau’auk only in that they are open with their goals, however twisted they may be. The drow and the illithid are secretive, and that worries Torrin


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