House Dunkarra

Primary Race: Humans Dunkarra.png

Sword: White

Location: The Imperial City

Chivalric Order: Order of the Black Rose

Allies: Vendel, Taguan, Kashan

Enemies: Kreon, Zukta, Oncilla

This human house has sat upon the Wyrm Throne more than any other house. Dunkarra has always done a good job of staying neutral in many conflicts while on the throne. Even when they are not the Imperial house, Dunkarra has a large number of shares in Orbiculum. They are known to be consummate players in the Shadow War making many secret alliances. When they are not ruling as emperor the Price of the house rules over the Ebner fragment.

Emperor Ecard V

House Dunkarra is usually a popular house when they sit in the Wyrm Throne. Ecard V, however, is not as popular as his father. Though he has aged well, he has yet to marry. He does have several known bastard children. This would not normally be an issue for succession, but the Dunkarra laws ban bastards from inheriting, and so the Imperial throne cannot pass to a Dunkarra bastard.
Ecard’s sexual appetite has sparked a number of rumors specifically about why he has not married. One of the more persistent rumor is his use of blackroot, a potent drug that can be addictive. Ecard is also rumored to be making a number of deals behind closed doors, something his house is not normally known for.


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