House Hokobyan

Primary Race: BauchanHokobyan.png

Sword: Green

Location: Bagrash

Chivalric Order: Order of the Closed Fist

Allies: Crull, Þuran, Kadmos

Enemies: Jadod, Urau’auk, Ocour

Crull I granted the bauchan a minor house after the establishment of the Imperium. This was a reward for the bauchan’s willingness to join the coalition, and their work at turning away from their goblinoid roots. Though they have often been a minor house, Hokobyan has never been out of the parliament. They are controlled by a militaristic nobility.
Presently the house is embroiled in a bitter feud with house Jadod over rights to a newly discovered fragment that is near Bagrash. The Hokobyan worry the goblinoids would use it as a staging ground for an invasion.
The Hokobyan are most known for the number of mercenary bands that live under their protection. These bands are loyal to the house, but will fight for other factions nobly, for a price.

Marshal Spartak II

Like his father, Spartak is a duende who seems destined to lead his people in some great battle. The bauchan follow Startak II unquestioningly. Because the bauchan see the dragonborn as the chosen of the Wyrm Gods, Spartak often sides with Torrin on the chaimber floor. He does not, however, often fraternize with the other council members.
Spartak worries about the goblinoids of house Jadod and their plans. He fears some attempt to try and claim the bauchan lands and force his people to revert to their baser roots.


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