House Kreon

Primary Race: HumansKreon.bmp

Sword: Silver

Location: Kydan

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Hawk

Allies: Xerxes, Crull, Kadmos

Enemies: Vendel, Taguan, Huum

The Kreon have always been a major house, and often considered the most noble of houses. They are ruled by a constitutional monarchy and instill a deep sense of pride and loyalty among their followers. They are famous for leading the Remnants out of the Dark Ages after the assassination of Graham II. This event has lead them to be bitter enemies with house Vendel. Several times in the last millennium these houses have engaged in a war of assassins. So far Kreon has dominated these conflicts.
Presently the house is involved in investigating a questionable deal between the Airship Guild and House Vendel. This is causing tension once again and could lead to another War of Assassins.
Along with their shares of Orbuculum the Kreon produce a good quantity of the fish products available to the Remnants as Kydan contains the largest sea discovered.

Archduke Giles

Considered by nearly every council member to be the most honorable member, Giles is generally well liked. Though he is a bit older than Ecard V, he, or his equally liked some Benedict, are considered the most likely to be elected as the next Dragon Emperor, even though the Kreon rarely want such power. Giles is also considered to be one of the Remnant’s foremost swordsmen. He uses a rare double sword style, but has yet to be beaten in combat, or a tournament. Many of the Savage Houses fear Giles himself, should he choose to wield the Silver Dragon Blade in combat against them.
Though their houses have been in a bitter rival since the Restoration, Giles has made attempts to heal the breach between the Kreon and the Vendel, but the Baron has no interest in peace.


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